The iPhone 7 played it safe this year, but Apple fans have quite a few reasons to be excited about the purported iPhone 8, set to land next year.

Thanks to a few concept renders from Veniamin Geskin, we now have a pretty good (read: gorgeous) image of how the upcoming smartphone could look.

Geskin's concept mixes a number of popular theories about the upcoming iPhone.

The handset is inspired by the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but it lacks the purported full-screen display that some rumors touted.

The iPhone 8 might come with a ceramic frame, which ranked great success with reviewers in the Apple Watch Edition Series 2.

Curved Display And Wireless Charging

Recent reveals show that the 2017 edition of the iPhone will feature wireless charging, meaning that the Lightning port could follow the 3.5 mm headphone jack into oblivion.

This has direct implications upon the form factor of the iPhone 8, as it would transform the smartphone into a super-slim device.

The renders depict the iPhone 8 as carrying a curved display, a rumor that was floating around for some time. Using ceramic for the chassis would ensure the handset is scratch-resistant, in opposition to the Jet Black iPhone 7. The choice of material could aid on the wireless charging side, as well.

Apple still has a long way to go before outing the iPhone 8, but the preliminary renders are at least promising.

Tech Specs

The concept renders might look glamorous, but what will the iPhone 8 hide under its purported ceramic chassis?

As the iPhone 7 carries an A10 CPU, it is not impossible to see the iPhone 8 coming with an even more powerful, A11 chipset. The new processing power unit might be ready to tackle long-distance wireless charging, as well as facial or iris scans for increased security.

Sources from the company say that OLED displays could make their way to the next iOS-running smartphone. Insiders from the manufacturing line divulged that Samsung will supply 40 million AMOLED display units to Apple, starting in 2017.

Currently, the iPhone manufacturer makes use of LCD displays, which carry more thickness than the purported OLED technology. All data indicate that Apple aims to break ground with unprecedented thinness in its upcoming smartphone.

Some believe that the iPhone 8 will come in three variants, only one of which will be a premium handset loaded with a curved display. This would be a great way for Apple to smoothly get into curved displays, without modifying its supply chain too much.

There is still a year of waiting before the iPhone 8 makes its debut, but should the device resemble the renders, we will give it a warm welcome.

Meanwhile, you can check out the full array of Geskin's renders, on his Twitter account.

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