OneDrive just got a useful new feature on Android devices and it is already attracting the attention of users who work with Office files.

With an update for the OneDrive client on Android released on Sept. 23, many users who employ the paid and free version of the app got a nice surprise in the form of being able to create Office files. This particular update arrived a few months after Microsoft and Lenovo entered into an agreement to preload Office, OneDrive and Skype apps on Lenovo's Android devices. With this push to bring OneDrive to more devices, it appears that Microsoft does not want to neglect the features available to current customers.

With this update installed, users will be able to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files without having to use a computer, and instead just use OneDrive on their Android device and save them in the cloud.

This ability to effortlessly create files is definitely going to appeal to users who employ the file-hosting service from Microsoft for their small businesses, and need to share information and data with their associates quickly. The feature is also available for those who use the free version of OneDrive and are able to store 5 GB of data.

In addition to creating Office files on Android, the update allows users to track how people access and modify them. This is possible because Microsoft has also included a notification feature in the update. With this feature, the person who created the file will get notified when another user accesses and edits it.

The latest update for OneDrive on Android also brings a special feature for business users and gives them the ability to see their SharePoint Sites.

Mspoweruser gives these new features athumbs up, describing these as "pretty nice," particularly praising the ability to create Office files within the OneDrive environment. It is likely that many of those who use the free version of OneDrive will come to the same conclusion as the update rolls out on Android devices.

When it comes to those who use OneDrive on iOS devices, Microsoft has already released a 7.8 update for the mobile operating software in August, which came with the ability to create Office files.

As Microsoft preloads OneDrive on more Android devices before they are shipped to users, it is clear that the company is trying to bring more customers into its fold and expand the ways and means it earns revenue while ensuring that smartphone manufacturers do not end up with a stiff bill for royalties.

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