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Amazon Drive Gets 1 TB Limit: How Does It Compare With Other Cloud Storage Options Now?

With Amazon officially gutting its unlimited free storage plan on Amazon Drive, it’s possible users are now looking for other alternatives. Here are some of the best cloud storage solutions, including their pricing details.

Internet June 9, 2017

Dropbox Is Launching Paper Out Of Beta And Rolling Out Smart Sync

Dropbox announced that Paper and Smart Sync services are now available for its users. These solutions are crucial in the manner the company is reinventing itself into a more collaborative platform for business.

Apps/Software January 30, 2017

Plex Adds Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive And Dropbox Support To Plex Cloud: Here's How To Set Things Up

Plex Cloud now supports Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox, adding more cloud storage providers in the mix aside from Amazon Cloud Drive.

Apps/Software December 5, 2016

New OneDrive Update For Android Allows Users To Create Office Files

Creating Office files on the go with OneDrive on an Android device is now possible, thanks to an update from Microsoft. The update also brings notifications that pop up when shared files are accessed and modified.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 26, 2016

Seagate Announces Ultra Slim 2 TB Hard Drive

Seagate unveiled its new hard drive that is slim, sleek, and has up to 2 TB of storage.

Digital Imaging January 5, 2016

Microsoft To Begin Warning Email Users Of Suspected Government Hacking

With the announcement, the company will take the extra step to let users know if they have evidence that their cyber attacker is 'state-sponsored,' working on behalf of a country.

Apps/Software December 31, 2015

Best Cloud Storage For Your Photos: Google Photos vs Amazon Photos vs iCloud Photo vs Microsoft OneDrive

With Google Photos looking to throw the gauntlet at rivals, we take a look at which cloud storage service among Google Photos, Amazon Photos, iCloud Photos and Microsoft OneDrive is the best option for keeping pics tucked away in the cloud.

Internet May 30, 2015

Microsoft doubles free OneDrive space, comes handy for iOS upgrades

Microsoft beefs up its file hosting service OneDrive as a way to meet the demands brought on by the release of iOS 8. The offer is on for a limited time only.

Apps/Software September 21, 2014

Dropbox pumps up features, security while slicing storage pricing

Dropbox is making its move to stay competitive in the cloud storage wars, increasing the storage amount in its $9.99 per month Dropbox Pro plan from 100 GB to 1 TB. Dropbox Pro will also get additional features, including file permissions, expiring, password-protected links and remote wipe.

Apps/Software August 27, 2014

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