Beats' wireless headphones got new family members in form of improved variants of older models, but this did not happen with the Beats Studio Wireless.

Apple-owned Beats rolled out enhanced iterations of the Powerbeats3, Beats Solo3, Beats EP and Beats X, but there was no sign of the top-shelf Beats Studio Wireless. This particular model of wireless headphones stands out as it sports an over-ear design and superior noise-canceling offering.

Audiophiles that were saving up to purchase a pair of 2016 Beats Studio Wireless for the holidays are in for a disappointment.

Citing a source familiar with the matter, CNET reports that a revamped edition of the Beats Studio Wireless headphones "isn't slated for release anytime soon," meaning that 2016 will definitely not see a new version for the headset. Should you be curious why Beats postponed the release, read on.

It looks like Beats made a goal of delivering increased battery life in all its new wireless headphones. However, the company cannot guarantee the upgrade in the Studio Wireless' case.

It should be mentioned that all the other new headphones that Beats lined up this year show a significant spike in battery life. This is mainly due to the cutting-edge technology developed by Apple in its low-energy W1 Bluetooth chip.

To give just an example, the 2016 variant of the Solo3 Wireless packs a battery life that is three times longer than that of the previous-generation model.

Fans of the noise-canceling headset from Beats will frown to see that the Studio Wireless is getting the cold shoulder.

As the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are making it (kind of) mandatory for users to rely on wireless headphones, these devices could see sales booming during the holiday season.

It is true that Beats offers more budget-friendly options, such as the Beats X or the Beats EP, and keep in mind that Apple's EarPods will satisfy many customers. However, some who are really peculiar about the quality of their sound will miss the noise-canceling technology that Beats Studio Wireless is famous for.

On the bright side, last year's model is lowering its price, and music enthusiasts could buy one for $299 on Amazon, or even cheaper from other vendors.

As a handy alternative to the Studio Wireless, you might want to consider other options, such as the QuietComfort 35 Wireless or the Sony H.ear Wireless.

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