Capcom Relaunches 'Street Fighter V' Update For The PC: No More Malware Risks, Urien Now Safe To Play


Capcom has fixed the issues in the Street Fighter V update for the PC by rolling it back and relaunching a stable version complete with the September content after it received user backlash over how it broke the game and brought risks of malware.

The patch also went live on the PS4 and added in a new playable character, Urien, in the roster, stage KOs that let players rub defeat in their opponents' face — in comical ways, more often than not — and the highly demanded Versus CPU mode.

How Did The Street Fighter V Update Made PCs Vulnerable To Malware?

More than what the console got, the developers also launched anti-cheat measures for the PC version with a simple purpose: to keep cheaters at bay.

"[W]e're also rolling out an updated anti-crack solution (note: not DRM) that prevents certain users from hacking the executable. The solution also prevents memory address hack that are commonly used for cheating and illicitly obtaining in-game currency and other entitlements that haven't been purchased yet," Capcom says via Steam.

While that sounds great on plain paper, the implementation raised some security concerns in the community. The gist of it is that the code was created so poorly that it made desktops here and there vulnerable to malicious software, basically opening a local backdoor of sorts.

The problem is that the update was designed to write a new system file with kernel-level access to the system32 folder of Windows, and as expected, players thought it was a bit too excessive.

It should also be mentioned that after installing the update, users reported that the game wouldn't launch successfully. 

Capcom initially proposed a solution, pointing out that the issue may stem from users' antivirus programs.

"The new anti-crack/anti-cheat solution prevents memory access certain ways, so perhaps this is creating a false-positive situation that may trigger either the anti-virus software or Windows DEP," the company says.

Street Fighter V Rollback Is Now Live, And PC Players Don't Have To Worry Anymore For Now

Capcom eventually posted on Twitter that the fix is already up after just a couple of hours. To be exact, it's a rollback to an earlier version of the game with all the September content.

What do you think of what went down surrounding the Street Fighter V update for the PC? Feel free to hit us up in the comments section below and let us know.

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