Smart will break ground in the automotive industry next year, as the manufacturer aims to be the first brand to holster both an electric drive and a gas-powered option in all its models.

The urban car auto builder will be offering EV variants of its ForTwo, ForTwo Cabrio and Forfour in 2017. The vehicles will be crafted on a 'from-scratch' Smart Electric Drive platform, which relies on the know-how of Mercedes-Benz and Renault-Nissan.

The latest electric vehicle from Smart, the next year's ForTwo electric drive will first show up at the Paris motor show, which is scheduled to start on Oct 1. at 10 a.m. and end on Oct. 16 at 8 p.m.

The EV ForTwo will be on sale in the United States in spring 2017, with a convertible variant in tow for the summer.

Smart's leader, Annette Winkler, thinks the upcoming tiny car is perfect for the urban environment, and points out that the electric drive makes it "a little bit more perfect."

She goes on to add that the full lineup of the brand, namely ForTwo, Cabrio and Forfour, will soon get EV capabilities, as well. This should virtually make Smart the only automaker which offers its customers a full model range in both electric power or internal-combustion.

Other car manufacturers have high ambitions for next year, as well. General Motors, for example, announced in 2015 that it plans to roll out a 200-mile range EV in 2017.

Smart ForTwo 2017 Specs

The first 2017 Smart car will be packing an 80 horse power EV motor which outputs 118 lb-ft of force, giving it a 19 percent increase over the existing model. The top speed is of 81 mph, but the real kicker comes from the autonomy of the vehicle.

Smart ForTwo will have a 99-mile range, with a full recharge taking only 2.5 hours. This gives it an edge over its predecessor as well, as the former vehicle in the line took twice as long to get its power source to 100 percent.

The company also makes possible for users to check up on charging levels via an app, which also allows them to adjust the climate control during the car's charging.

Smart touts that the newest EV in the line will feature "agile and lively" driving characteristics," with a possible turning circle of 22.8-foot.

Alongside the basic mode of the transmission, drivers can tap into an eco mode that throttles the top speed and adjusts the electricity recuperation level under braking to maximum.

We are looking forward to seeing the Smart ForTwo 2017 at the upcoming Paris auto show, and we will be among the first to report on the carmaker's developments.

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