SiriusXM, the satellite radio service now used by millions of U.S. subscribers, is now looking to promote its offerings to new customers without the use of a separately purchased satellite radio device installed in their home or car. The company is marketing a new six-month streaming-only subscription in the hopes of competing with streamers like Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.

SiriusXM satellite radio recently announced that it has hit a milestone of having 30 million paid subscribers, but the company isn't resting on its laurels. SiriusXM has not necessarily been seen as a direct competitor to streaming services like Pandora and Spotify because the majority of its users listen via satellite receivers installed in their cars and homes.

While separate streaming subscriptions have been made available and all radio-owning subscribers to SiriusXM's most expensive "All Access" package have streaming rights, the company has not been actively marketing itself as a stand-alone streaming service that can be used without ever purchasing a separate receiver.

Recently, however, the company has begun marketing a promotion via email to potential subscribers without the mention of purchasing any special radio equipment. SiriusXM is offering new customers a special $30 six-month streaming-only package that will allow them access to all of the company's content via online access and through the company's Android and iOS apps.

SiriusXM offers more than 175 separate channels of programming, including 72 commercial-free music channels in various genres, 15 news channels, 22 talk and entertainment channels and nine comedy channels, as well as local traffic and weather channels.

The jewel in the company's crown is talk radio legend Howard Stern, who has two channels on the service and whose show is the most listened to in its lineup. The shock jock renewed his contract for five additional years with the company at a reported $90 million per year.

It appears as if with the boom in streaming recently, SiriusXM has decided to now promote its own streaming capabilities (separate from its satellite receiving equipment), focusing on the capabilities of its sophisticated mobile app, which includes on-demand listening to previously aired programming and also allows listeners to tailor music station program offerings to their liking.

Note that after the initial six-month offer, subscriptions will renew at SiriusXM's regular streaming rate of $15.99 per month. That's considerably more than the $9.99 price per month charged by Apple Music and Spotify on their paid tiers. Some SiriusXM subscribers, however, have been able to extend their promotional deals with the company upon expiration by calling the company directly and speaking to a customer service representative. In any case, everyone can get the service right now for six full months at the $30 promotional rate, which works out to a bargain $5 per month.

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