All-New Land Rover Discovery Debuts At Paris Motor Show: Powerful SUV Offers Connectivity On The Go For $49,990


In 2004, Land Rover stopped the use of Discovery in what some believe as an effort to distance its succeeding LR3 and LR4 from the weak build quality that came to be linked to the name. Now it is coming back in the form of fifth-generation seven-seat 2018 Land Rover Discovery and is due to hit the American streets sometime in mid-2017.

When the latest Discovery was unveiled in this week's Paris Motor Show, no one doubted that it is a far cry from the previous models that bore the name. Simply put, the car looks beautiful and jaded car enthusiasts will probably find few faults in terms of its build quality. An SVX version for extreme off-roading has been previously reported.

The 2018 Discovery is lightweight due to its aluminum body and the elimination of body-on-frame architecture. As a result, it sheds almost 1,000 pounds of its predecessor. This guarantees higher efficiency and less CO2 emissions.

Since it is aimed for active outdoor use and exploring the world, the vehicle's ground clearance is 11.1 inches and has a maximum wading depth of almost 3 feet.

The new Discovery's design language is a marriage between its heritage and the Discovery Vision Concept that the public first saw in 2014. This can be demonstrated in the stepped roof line and profile that have characterized previous Discovery models. The boxy construction of old has been dispatched. It is now complemented by the more premium aesthetics that remind one of the Range Rover segment, a dominant design characteristic of the previously mentioned Discovery Vision Concept.

The Discovery's interior can also qualify as equally impressive in anyone's book. It boasts of three-row folding seats, which are individually heated. The first two rows could be also cooled while the front seats can be outfitted with massaging technology.

"The precise finishes and use of premium materials throughout [the interior] give customers a relaxing experience and allows intuitive use of the advanced technology under the skin," Mark Butler, Land Rover Creative Director, said.

The technological enhancements include a Wi-Fi hotspot system that can support up to eight devices and a number of USB ports. The seats can also be controlled remotely using a smartphone or from the trunk. An Activity Key wristband allows the driver to leave the regular key inside so he or she can enjoy outdoor activities such as running, swimming or cycling.

Under the hood, the vehicle also boasts a 340-horsepower supercharged V6 engine capable of 332-lb-ft of torque. A variant equipped with the 254-horsepower turbo diesel V6 engine, on the other hand, is able to produce 443 lb-ft of torque.

The 2018 Land Rover Discovery will be sold for $49,990.

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