Halo: Spartan Strike is the newest Halo title for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Steam


Need more Halo? Not to worry, Microsoft is well ahead of everyone as the company is on the verge of releasing a new title in the form of Halo: Spartan Strike. The game, in some ways, is a sequel to Spartan Assault and will only be available for Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Steam.

The look and feel of Spartan Strike is very similar to Spartan Assault, but with changes here and there. The gameplay is similar in almost every way, but there are changes that allow touchscreen only players to enjoy the game without a lot of hassle.

It also appears as if the graphics here has been increased, as it looks slightly better when compared to Spartan Assault. Furthermore, 343 Industries has added several vehicles, which includes the Warthog and a completely new vehicle to the Halo universe. We have to wonder if this vehicle will eventually make it to Halo 5; for some odd reason, we believe it will.

Halo: Spartan Strike will be released for $5.99 on all three platforms. And here's the good part, if a user buys the game on Windows 8, they will also get to download the Windows Phone version for free. All Xbox Live achievements will cross-over though we are not sure if the same can be said for game saves.

When it comes down to the Steam version, it will go for the same $5.99, but instead of Xbox Live achievements, gamers will have to contend with Steam achievements. 343 Industries also revealed that there are 20 achievements in all for gamers to acquire. Furthermore, players can get certain items from within the game that can be brought over to the upcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

The developer made it clear that the game should last at around 4-5 hours tops. Bear in mind that Halo: Spartan Assault was a game that lasts at around 3-4 hours tops, a little bit more than that if the player is average.

What's the story all about?

We're not fully sure. What we are certain of is that it takes place during the time of Halo 2, which should roll back the memories for the early Halo fans.

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