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Windows 7's Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center To Lose A Feature

Windows Media Player in Windows 7 is going to lose a feature. The same also goes with Windows Media Center across Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

Computers January 27, 2019

Microsoft Is Officially Killing The Windows 8 Store

Microsoft is preparing for the death of its Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 storefronts. The company has now revealed important deadlines for developers, the earliest of which comes this October when both stores stop accepting new apps.

Microsoft August 21, 2018

Microsoft Warns Meltdown And Spectre Patches Will Really Slow Down Older Computers: Time To Upgrade?

Microsoft revealed that most users of older computers will experience slower performance once Meltdown and Spectre patches are installed. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users are urged not to skip the security updates though, as the consequences may be severe.

Microsoft January 10, 2018

Microsoft Warns Users Of Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Installer: What You Need To Know

A new security threat looms over Windows users. The attackers are emulating the BSoD error screen in order to lure users into installing a fake copy of Microsoft Security Essentials and calling a scam support line.

Microsoft October 25, 2016

Microsoft Cuts Support For Windows 8: What This Means For You

Windows 8 is no more. As promised, Microsoft has cut support for Windows 8 in favor of Windows 8.1, and of course, Windows 10. Users who don't upgrade leave themselves open to security breaches.

Apps/Software January 15, 2016

Microsoft Tells Customers To Use Windows 7 ‘At Your Own Risk’

Microsoft marketing chief Chris Capossela warned users who run Windows 7 on their computers to do so at their own risk. Is the warning a legitimate one, or is there a reason behind the statement?

Apps/Software January 4, 2016

Turn Any Laptop Into A Touch Screen With This Neonode AirBar: Here's The Deal [Video]

Not keen on buying a touch screen laptop? The Neonode AirBar can turn any laptop into a touch screen model like magic, with no hardware installation required.

Gadgets December 17, 2015

Xbox One Wireless Controller Adapter Finally Supports Windows 7 And Windows 8.1

Microsoft finally made its Xbox One wireless controller adapter for PC compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Initially, gamers who wanted to use the dongle wirelessly were restricted to Windows 10.

Video Games December 12, 2015

Windows 10 Adoption Rate Powered By Gaming: One In Four Steam Gamers Have Upgraded

A survey revealed one in four Steam gamers is now running Windows 10. The survey, in the meantime, also showed off that Windows 7 seems to be a crowd favorite.

Apps/Software November 5, 2015

Microsoft Declares Death Sentence On Older Windows: One More Year And Say Buh-Bye To New Windows 7, Windows 8.1 PCs

Microsoft has quietly given PC manufacturers a one-year deadline to sell off PCs running Windows 7 and 8.1. Here are the important end-of-sale dates that you need to note.

Computers November 3, 2015

Windows 10 Growth Still Modest As Windows 7, Windows 8.x Users Are Reluctant To Upgrade

In spite of positive reviews, Windows 10 convinced only a few Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to upgrade. The initial surge in Windows 10 upgrades slowed down drastically, but Microsoft has a plan to get the numbers up again.

Apps/Software November 2, 2015

Microsoft Still Harassing You To Upgrade To Windows 10? Here's How To Stop It

As PC owners tweeted on and on Microsoft’s pushiness forcing them to upgrade to Windows 10, solutions started to appear. Here are some verified methods to keep your Windows 7 or Windows 8 without being nagged by the Redmond giant.

Apps/Software October 27, 2015

Microsoft vs. Privacy: Windows 10's Controversial Tracking Tools Hitting Windows 7, 8

Microsoft has rolled out some controversial updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8, bringing the most criticized aspect of Windows 10: user tracking and extensive data collection.

Apps/Software September 8, 2015

Windows 10 Market Share Beats Windows 8 And Vista Combined

Windows 10 has gained five percent of the market share faster than we've seen with any other operating system, jumping to over five percent in one month. This means that Windows 10 owns more market share than Windows 8 and Vista combined.

Apps/Software September 3, 2015

Here's How To Open Windows 10's Secret Start Menu And What You'll Find There

Did you know there's a secret Start menu in Windows 10? Here is how to open it.

Apps/Software August 26, 2015

Bonjour! Hallo! Skype Real-Time Translator Now Supports French And German

Microsoft is expanding Skype Translator to include more languages and cover nearly 30 percent of the world’s population.

Apps/Software June 18, 2015

Microsoft Sends Out Windows 10 Upgrade Notice To Windows 7 And Windows 8 Users

Microsoft has started sending notifications to Windows 7/ 8 users, inviting them to 'reserve' their free upgrade to Windows 10.

Apps/Software June 2, 2015

'Halo: Spartan Strike' Hits iPhone, iPad, Steam, Windows Phone 8, And Windows 8

Thumbs on the ready. Halo Spartan Strike is now available and it delivers 30 more missions filled with top-down, sci-fi gun battles.

Video Games April 17, 2015

Not Just Apple And Android: Microsoft Windows Also Vulnerable To FREAK Security Flaw

Despite earlier claims to the contrary, Windows is not safe from a decade-old security hole exploiting SSL and TLS sites.

Apps/Software March 6, 2015

Windows 10: Will It Spark Lovefest Among Users Still Grumbling About 8.0?

Microsoft is fired up about its impending Windows 10 operating system, but will the new OS be innovative enough to regain users' love and gain forgiveness over recent OS offerings? There's a good chance, says an industry watcher, but it won't happen overnight.

Apps/Software February 2, 2015

Hello, Microsoft: Google Reveals More Bugs in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

Google disclosed more security bugs in Microsoft's operating system. Microsoft, however, dislikes the way Google's security team tells the world about the flaws before they can even come up with a patch to fix the problems.

Apps/Software January 19, 2015

Windows 8.1 Surges Past XP in OS Market

Windows XP has continued to fall in market share, being overtaken by both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Despite this, Windows 7 continues to grow, holding over half of the operating system market share.

Computers December 1, 2014

Windows 7, 8 pulled from shelves, leaving wide sales door for Windows 10

With life support pulled from the beloved Windows XP earlier in the year, Microsoft also ramps down sales of Windows 7 and Windows 8. The stage is being set for Windows 10's 2015 launch.

Apps/Software November 3, 2014

Windows 8, 8.1 close to overtaking Windows XP

According to Net Applications Windows 8.1 has increased in market share by a whopping 6.7 percent, bringing the combined market share of Windows 8 and 8.1 to 16.8 percent, poising it to take over Windows XP which dropped from 23.87 percent to 17.2 percent.

Apps/Software November 2, 2014

E Fun cheap Nextbook tablet isn't just for the kids

E Fun debuts a Windows-powered tablet that's priced below $200. It makes a few concessions in the name of affordability, but it's a capable 2-in-1 tablet.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 21, 2014

Yahoo releases Flickr app for iPad and iOS 8 devices: Windows 8 and Windows Phone fans pick up arms in anger

Yahoo might have listened to request for an iPad version of the Flickr app, but it appears the company completely forgot about the Windows ecosystem.

Apps/Software October 21, 2014

Halo: Spartan Strike is the newest Halo title for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Steam

Halo: Spartan Assault fans can rejoice now that Microsoft and 343 Industries have announced coming of a successor, Halo: Spartan Strike. The game is set during the time of Halo 2, and will cost a mere $5.99.

Geek October 18, 2014

Windows 10 Technical Preview is out: How to download and install Microsoft's latest act of redemption

Here’s how to download and install Windows 10 Technical Preview. Warning: For PC experts only. Download at your own risk.

Apps/Software October 4, 2014

How mobile is Windows 10? As mobile as Microsoft can be, at least for now

Microsoft isn't ready to give up on mobile platforms yet. With Windows 10, the distinction between mobile and desktop is a lot more pronounced.

Apps/Software September 30, 2014

Microsoft christens Windows 10, but is name change enough to eradicate painful legacy of Windows 8?

With Windows 10, Microsoft literally skips ahead to distance its latest OS from Windows 8. But underneath the awkward numerical leap, Windows 10 is the product of a lot of thoughtful consideration.

Apps/Software September 30, 2014

Windows 9 free upgrade is a good idea and what Microsoft may be thinking

It's official. Microsoft will allow users to upgrade to Windows 9. The head of Microsoft's Indonesian arm confirms one of the rumors circulating about the new OS.

Apps/Software September 30, 2014

Windows 9 allegedly confirmed to be a free download for Windows 8 users: Is this the new Microsoft?

Microsoft is preparing to wow the world come Sept. 30. The company is expected to showcase Windows 9, or whatever the company plans on calling the new OS.

Apps/Software September 29, 2014

Microsoft prepping to cross new threshold in OS strategy but it may come later than sooner

Microsoft France president reportedly has confirmed Windows 9 will be shown off at Microsoft's Sept. 30 press conference. But a Microsoft representative says the statement was translated incorrectly.

Apps/Software September 26, 2014

Don't expect Windows 9 preview on Microsoft event on Sept. 30: Report

Users eagerly watching out for the technical preview of Windows 9 on Sept. 30 will have to wait a little bit longer, as a Windows blogger says the preview will only become available in October.

Apps/Software September 23, 2014

Windows 9 leaks from China, Windows 8.1 beats out 8

Windows 8.1 establishes a solid lead over 8. Windows 7 is in its prime, but it may be time to start looking ahead.

Computers September 2, 2014

Royal Caribbean gifts cruise employees with Windows gadgets to keep connected, streamline operations

Royal Caribbean invests in its employees and Microsoft tech. The cruise line is preparing to gift tablets to each of its 40,000 crew members.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 26, 2014

China plans to launch own OS to compete with Microsoft, Google, and Apple

China is looking to launch its own OS by October, though several issues remain. The Chinese government previously banned Windows 8 from all government PCs.

Computers August 25, 2014

Windows Threshold aka Windows 9 preview in late September? Yes, according to new report

Microsoft may launch a preview version of its upcoming Windows "Threshold" OS by late September or early October. Sources within the company that participants in the "technology preview" would have to agree to automatic updates.

Computers August 17, 2014

China regulators ask Microsoft to respect, cooperate with antitrust probe

Microsoft was told not to interrupt SAIC investigations. The software company is being accused of going against the Chinese government since June last year. The issues could also be related to former NSA employee Edward Snowden's revelations.

Business August 6, 2014

Windows 8 update won't boast any snazzy changes

Microsoft announced it will deliver a Windows 8 update on August 12. The move aims to bolster functionality and help move the operating system forward.

Apps/Software August 4, 2014

Microsoft China offices get unexpected visit from regulators

China is miffed at Microsoft. Whether it is justified, just business or political posturing, there's nothing inscrutable about the scrutiny the company is facing from government regulators.

Business Tech July 28, 2014

Microsoft readies $199 Windows 8 laptop and $99 tablet to combat Chrome OS and Android: Will this plan work?

Microsoft is not happy about the state it is currently in, and as such, the company is working closely with partners to oversee the launch of cheap Windows 8 laptops and tablets for the holiday.

Computers July 18, 2014

Windows 9 preview this autumn? 'Threshold' might bring back Start Menu

Microsoft will look to rectify its mistakes with Windows 8 with the upcoming Windows 9. One of the changes will be bringing back the iconic Start Menu.

Computers July 2, 2014

Google adds 64-bit support for Chrome, promises better stability and security

The 64-bit version is available for Chrome's Dev and Canary channels. It is not yet available for the mainstream stable version of Chrome.

Computers June 4, 2014

Windows 8.1 gains desktop OS share but 25 percent still use XP

Windows 7 still dominates desktops with half of the market using the operating system. Windows XP comes second, despite the support for it ended last April.

Apps/Software June 3, 2014

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