Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, S7 and S7 edge owners are reporting that their smartphones are overheating and draining battery quickly, similar to the problems with some Galaxy Note 7 replacements, but this time around, it looks like the Oculus app is to blame.

According to users on Reddit, the issues only started to surface after they updated their handsets, explaining why they only appeared recently.

"Hey y'all, my phone worked perfectly for months! I'm with att and haven't had any major issues with my phone so far. Today I woke up, took my phone off charge, and 15 min later with very minimal use, I was down to [86 percent] and my screen was very hot. Right now, an hour later with not using it at all, I'm at [57 percent]," a user who goes by the name of welcometowoodbury says.

Another user found that after the Oculus update, their handset also began exhibiting the abovementioned problems.

"Okay so it seems that some people on here have come to the conclusion that the battery drain issue that some are experiencing is from an Oculus update this morning (Gear VR). I tried uninstalling the app completely to see if that helps at all," Reddit user Josh4R3d says, continuing to say that the Oculus app is indeed the cause.

Other users took things over to Twitter to let Oculus know about the overheating and battery drain issues.

On an interesting note, a user with the moniker EARTHisHOLLOW says that they work at an authorized retailer for Sprint, posting an image of what appears to be a Galaxy S7 that caught on fire.

The SKU SPHG93032BKS corroborates the user's claims that the device in the picture is from Sprint and that it's a Galaxy S7.

It's also worth mentioning that aside from the exploding Galaxy Note 7 units and this Galaxy S7, Samsung has more problems on its plate when the company's washing machines also started to burst into flames.

To boil things down, until Oculus rolls out an update, it's better for Galaxy owners to uninstall the VR app for now because they might start seeing smartphone-based fireworks soon.

Have you noticed overheating and battery drain issues on your Galaxy phone? If so, feel free to drop by our comments section below and let us know.

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