Apple's latest iPhone 7 ad shows off a new iOS 10 feature called Screen Effects, emphasizing how it can make iMessage conversations more expressive, up to the point of becoming "practically magic."

Aptly titled "Balloons," the video focuses on, well, balloons, with a red one traveling across rich landscapes and over the ocean until it reaches a city and joins its inflated relatives to enter a room where a birthday girl sits.

Put simply, the ad is no doubt a brilliant display of how messages can touch people, but the interesting takeaway here is that when a user sends a message with "happy birthday," the recipient will get to see a flurry of festive balloons on their screen.

Needless to say, that nice gesture put a smile on the girl's face.

Other words and phrases such as "congratulations" are reportedly going to trigger an animation too.

As mentioned earlier, this is all possible thanks to the Cupertino brand's new Screen Effects feature for iOS 10's iMessage, which is comparable with the likes of Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Google Allo and other modern messaging apps.

To boil things down, iPhone 7 owners won't have any trouble expressing themselves when they have the sticker packs and Screen Effects at hand, but they have to make sure that they're running on iOS 10 and that the recipient of their messages are also using the latest iOS version.

Before wrapping things up, it's also worth mentioning that the iMessage App Store already has more than 1,650 apps that are up for grabs, and most of them are sticker packs that are designed to make colorful and vibrant conversations.

However, it should be pointed out that the messenger used to be a big mess when Nazi GIFs and whatnot started to pop up. In other words, be careful, as there's a small chance that some leftovers or new inappropriate content might have went under the radar of the developers.

With everything said and done, what do you think of Apple's Screen Effects feature and the "Balloons" ad? Feel free to hit us up in the comments section below and let us know.

Also, don't forget to check out the one-minute video below to get a closer look at things, and make sure to take a peek at Apple's official YouTube channel from time to time, as the company is expected to continue launching a slew of beautiful and informative commercials like this.

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