The look of the Power Rangers reboot is familiar, yet new. It's still clearly Power Rangers, but the new ranger costumes have an "alien" look about them that wasn't there in the originals, thanks to a new alien origin.

That same line of thinking applies to the weaponry of the Power Rangers as well. We've seen brief glimpses of the new dinosaur-themed Zords set to appear in the film, and now fans have their first look at one of the iconic weapons wielded by one of the rangers, in this case the Red Ranger's iconic Power Sword.

It's definitely a change from the original weapon many fans grew up with, to say the least. Sticking with the alien design theme, the sword doesn't look all that much like a blade. Instead, it appears more serrated, almost like a drill of some kind, with an extremely large hand guard. It's not even exactly clear how one would hold the weapon (though hopefully fans will find out soon enough).

Compared to the original Power Sword, which is in many ways a traditional-looking sword, this new design is a little confusing. Of course, it's not the first time Power Rangers fans have been confused by the upcoming reboot's design decisions. The reveal of the new Rita Repulsa was largely met with uncertainty and outright hostility from some fans, as the character's new green and gold look is far different from the classic "witch" costume the character is known for in the original series.

And here's the original sword for comparison purposes:

So far it remains to be seen if the Power Rangers reboot will live up to fan expectations, but at least fans will have their first look at the movie in action very soon. A trailer for the film is expected to premiere at New York Comic Con this weekend, and along with it plenty of new details about the film's plot, action scenes and, of course, the giant dinosaur mechs.

In other Power Rangers news, the film recently announced that comedian and actor Bill Hader would be voicing the robot Alpha 5, ally to the rangers and keeper of Zordon. Zordon, it was revealed earlier this year, will be played by Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston.

Power Rangers screens in theaters March 24, 2017.

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