'Suicide Squad' Is Getting An Extended Cut, Because Of Course It Is


Suicide Squad was met with middling reviews, but it proved to be a hit at the box office. Because of the movie's popularity, the film's soundtrack even debuted in the No. 1 spot on Billboard's album charts and broke streaming records.

However, a common complaint about the film was that the Joker almost felt like an afterthought in the finished product, despite the movie's marketing prominently featuring the character at every opportunity. Heck, even Joker actor Jared Leto expressed his disappointment over the lack of Joker in the film.

With all that in mind, it really isn't surprising that Warner Bros. just announced via a new trailer that Suicide Squad will be getting an extended cut. Unfortunately, details are still scarce.

Presumably the extended cut will add many of Leto's Joker scenes that were supposedly cut from the final film. As for what else fans can expect, that's still unclear. Warner Bros. has yet to offer more information about what will be included in the extended cut that's absent from the theatrical version of the film.

It's worth noting that while it's not surprising Warner Bros. would want to do an extended cut of the film, it actually goes against what Suicide Squad director David Ayer said earlier this summer. Ayer confirmed that 10 minutes' worth of finished scenes were cut from the theatrical version of the film but that fans shouldn't expect an extended cut of the movie. Instead, Ayer said the scenes would likely appear as deleted scenes in the film's home release, rather than being reworked into the theatrical film.

Another question fans may have is whether or not the extended cut of Suicide Squad will arrive in theaters for a limited time, just like the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did earlier this year. Of course, it seems to be the consensus that Warner Bros. sent Batman v Superman back to theaters only after it failed to perform as well critically and financially as Warner Bros. would have liked the first time around.

Suicide Squad is in a moderately better position in that regard, though it wouldn't be surprising if the studio does announce the extended edition will arrive for a limited theatrical run.

For now, Suicide Squad's extended cut is relegated to a home release, arriving on video-on-demand Nov. 15 and on DVD/Blu-ray nearly a month later on Dec. 13.

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