'Justice League vs. Suicide Squad' Comic Will Have DC's Most Popular Teams Battle It Out


With the Justice League film set to release next year and Suicide Squad making a significant splash at the box office right now, it's a bit of a no-brainer that DC Comics wants to capitalize on the buzz around its films. 

That is precisely why a comic called Justice League vs. Suicide Squad now exists. As revealed by the Wall Street Journal, a new event series starting later this year will pit Batman, Superman and the rest of the Justice League against Harley Quinn, Deadshot and other members of the Suicide Squad. Joshua Williamson is writing the series, with art from Jason Fabok.

That being said, the event isn't exactly out of left field. The current Batman series has dealt with the Suicide Squad in past issues, with Batman even threatening squad overseer Amanda Waller after her squad begins operating (and messing things up) in Gotham City. Looks like Batman will finally be making good on his threat come December, when he calls in his Justice League pals to shut down the Suicide Squad for good.

Williamson says the event will focus on a few key characters in particular, and that attempting to balance so many big personalities is a challenge. Batman, one of DC's most popular characters, looks to be the main face of the Justice League in the story. On the other side of the equation are Harley Quinn and Deadshot, two obvious choices. Both characters stole the show in their cinematic debuts this summer, so it makes sense to continue to put the spotlight on them. There's also the fact that Quinn is a powerhouse for DC right now, with the debut issue of her Rebirth solo series selling more than 400,000 copies.

However, there are some more unfamiliar faces as well that will have a major roles in the event; characters like the villain Killer Frost, for example. Williamson says her point of view will be an important one in the series, and goes on to say that the event as a whole will focus on themes of redemption and corruption.

"Do you believe in second chances? I think that's a big part of what Rebirth has been about," Williamson said.

The event kicks off in December with two issues, before finishing in January with four more. The event will also have a number of tie-in issues in DC's ongoing Justice League and Suicide Squad comics.

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