In a filing at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group last week, Microsoft's upcoming Bluetooth keyboard accessory called "Surface Ergonomic Keyboard" was revealed, appearing in a qualification assessment administered by the group.

The upcoming keyboard is purported to be the successor to Microsoft's bluetooth keyboard/mouse pairing called the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop announced last year in March.

Now, Windows Central has dutifully digged via sourcing a new promo image of what seems to show a minimalist gray keyboard, similar in aesthetics to Microsoft's Surface series. The image confirms what seems to be a Surface-branded Bluetooth keyboard. Apart from the keyboard on the promo image, Windows Central also claims that another Surface-branded keyboard is forthcoming along with a new Surface-branded mouse.

Today, as per the FCC, the Surface-branded mouse has also showed up. It looks similar to the Designer mouse except for its gray finish. Both the Surface-branded keyboard and mouse mimic the Surface Book's color, and both are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy. The mouse is reported to last for a full year on two Triple A batteries.

Information on the surface-branded accessories could be announced this week, as the logical follow up to the FCC filings. If not, then it's definitely coming this month, Windows Central reports.

The leaked images seem to suggest that both devices are set to accompany an All-In-One (AIO) surface computer, the details of which are scarce as speculation goes. However, in August, MSPowerUser published photos of a patent application by Microsoft showing what seems to be near-final design of the rumored computer.

Ample speculation suggest that the Surface-branded accessories will be sold alongside the rumored AIO PC that Microsoft is reportedly set to release in October during its hardware-centric event. In the patent application, Microsoft described the design as a "modular computer device" with "stackable components." The patent images also describe Microsoft's concept of "interconnected devices," where different devices such as a computer, TV and/or a mobile device are all interconnected via a central computing device.

It's worth noting that patent filings or applications are not concrete indications that a company is intending to manufacture the devices and the accompanying technology described in the patent illustrations. Still, if Microsoft is indeed set to unveil a Surface AIO computer, it'll be interesting to observe how they intend to execute the modular concept.

The largest setback to AIO computers is the fact that core components can't be swapped for better, more updated ones. Through the modular concept, consumers can sculpt and dress their AIO with the components they see fit for their needs, avoiding the extra costs associated with upgrading gear. With the modular concept, users can simply upgrade some components instead of junking everything.

As we near the end of October, expect further details about the Surface-branded accessories and Microsoft's rumored AIO computer.

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