Nearly a year after the #ThatDress had people tearing each other apart over the color of the outfit posted by Scottish singer Caitlin McNeil, the color debate is back to haunt the virtual world — only this time it is #MyBag.

If you headed over to Twitter a few days ago, you were probably greeted by #MyBag as trending on the microblogging site, along with that Kate Spade bag that people were sharing. A second look at the picture and you noticed the million dollar question framing the image: white or blue?

Déjà vu. It is #ThatDress all over again.

How did the latest internet trend begin? All thanks to Twitter user Taylor Corso, who goes by the handle @whyofcorso, sharing a picture of her Kate Spade bag with the message: "Everyone say hello to my new baby."

As of writing, the post has been taken down, but when Mississippi-based Corso tweeted the purse's picture on Oct. 4, little did she know that she had unwittingly opened a Pandora's Box. The bag's image sparked off a Twitter debate over its hue.

Some even questioned how people could see blue!

And some thought it was:

Even as the debate over the bag's powder blue or white color raged on, a Twitter user went to the extent of bringing some respite by deploying a photo editing tool to solve the mystery of the purse's actual color.

As the Twitterati debated over the Kate Spade bag's color, Corso shared that the virtual arguments over the infamous dress is being repeated with her bag.

KateSpade New York also joined in on the fun and cashed-in on the free publicity with the following tweet:

The luxury label, however, did not shed any light on whether the bag sported the Mystic Blue hue as asserted by owner Corso, who took the opportunity to ask people to donate for a good cause.

So what is the color of the bag? For the record, It is blue and not white, and listed as "lakes edge" Cameron Street Candace satchel on

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