Samsung is under great pressure after its Galaxy Note 7 recall scandal, and reports show that the OEM is putting the pedal to the metal with spectacular hardware in its upcoming Galaxy S8.

Insiders from the home market of the company are touting that the next flagship handset will be a breath of fresh air aimed at regaining customers' trust, and it will "totally" not have exploding batteries.

The most likely moniker for the upcoming flagship will be Galaxy S8, and bits of previous info suggest that the gadget will sport a VR-ready 4K display and a system on chip to match the high processing demands of virtual reality. Former rumors hinted that the Galaxy S8 is holstering the mighty Exynos 8895 SoC.

A new report from South Korea indicates that the slew of technical specs is quite formidable.

ETNews reports that the Galaxy S8 will renounce the standard home button, which should be replaced with a fingerprint sensor embedded into the screen. Seeing how the Note 7 is a curved-edge-only model, speculations emerged that the Galaxy S8 will take a leaf out of its book and lose the flat panel option.

The new report notes that the S8's curved display might go the extra mile and reach to the top and bottom, thus making the smartphone a full-screen finish. This means that Samsung could provide the world with the first 100 percent bezel-free device.

There are also strong reasons to believe that the device will come with a dual rear camera. Competition from Apple, Huawei, HTC and Xiaomi is already deploying the feature in its flagships, so it makes sense for Samsung to keep up with the pack.

The source of the report, which is familiar with the component streamline of the company, said that Samsung already green-lighted the two camera option. The only question remaining is whether the S8 will sport an all-in-one dual-camera or two individual cameras that will work together.

The race toward bezel-free smartphones has already started, as OEM Sharp demonstrated earlier this year. Should Samsung take the lead by implementing bezel-less design, it could not only whitewash the Note 7 fluke but even gain an upper hand on historical rival, Apple.

Samsung will purportedly roll out the Galaxy S8 quicker than the original schedule in order to have damage control over the Note 7 fallout. However, until an official statement pertaining to the specs and release date appears, we advise our reader to take the rumors with the proverbial grain of salt.

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