For customers that are having doubts about getting that replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Sprint is now allowing you to hand it right back.

Sprint became one of the first carriers to now let customers trade in their replacement Note 7s in exchange for any other type of smartphone.

Looks like this could be that perfect opportunity to make the switch to the iPhone 7 Plus.

This news comes after reports surfaced that a recall model of the Note 7 allegedly exploded, which caused the evacuation of a Southwest Airlines flight before it took off on Wednesday, Oct. 5 because of the smoke.

Both the Federal Aviation Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission opened investigations into the matter to see if the smartphone was to blame.

Chairman Elliot Kaye of the CPSC stated that the agency is "moving expeditiously to investigate this incident," and has reached out to Samsung regarding the incident.

"I want to reiterate my call for consumers who have the recalled Galaxy Note7 to keep their smartphones powered down and to immediately take advantage of the remedies being offered by Samsung. Consumers should know that one of the remedies is a refund," he said in a statement.

While it won't be clear whether or not the Note 7 replacement devices are safe or if another recall is on the horizon until the investigation is completed, at least customers now have the option of giving back their second Note 7 device.

"If a Sprint customer with a replacement Note 7 has any concerns regarding their device, we will exchange it for any other device at any Sprint retail store during the investigation window," a Sprint representative told Recode.

The rep also stated that Sprint is working with Samsung to further learn more about the concerns and safety of the replacement Galaxy Note 7s.

If the alleged replacement Note 7 did ignite on the aircraft, Samsung could find itself in very hot water again - especially since the device was supposedly turned off and not plugged in.

The device is said to be a replacement from AT&T. The carrier has not yet commented on the issue.

However, T-Mobile is also allowing customers to exchange the replacement Note 7 under its standard return policy that allows customers to give the phone back within 14 days. The Un-Carrier just began selling the new batch of Note 7s on Wednesday and has no plans to stop as of yet.

All of the major carriers are still allowing customers to exchange, get a refund or receive credit for bringing back the original Note 7 smartphones that were recalled.

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