Samsung is experiencing a lot of problems right now, and that has much to do with the Galaxy Note 7.

The device was seen as the smartphone to give the iPhone 7 Plus some serious competition, but after a series of explosions, we're left to wonder if Samsung should just throw in the towel.

A smartphone exploding is not something new, but when it happens on a regular basis, that's where we should take things seriously. Several folks have had their Galaxy Note 7 exploding on them, causing injuries in the process.

One man suffered third-degree burns, while another man, luckily enough for him, only managed to have his vehicle go up in flames. Samsung is also being sued for this major misstep, so the situation could worsen in the coming months.

To fix the problem, Samsung has decided to recall the Galaxy Note 7, a good move for any company. However, after fixing and releasing the device back to market, the explosions have continued, still much like a plague on Samsung device owners. This is where Samsung needs to come to the difficult conclusion of abandoning the device.

The most recent Galaxy Note 7 explosion happened on an airplane. The device reportedly emitted smoke and started burning, leaving marks on the floor of the aircraft, despite the fact that the Note 7 was a replacement unit. The owner of the device said the handset was in his pocket when it began to release smoke.

He dropped it to the floor of the plane and from there, the device proceeded to release gray and green smoke. The device burned through the carpet and scorched the floor below.

Samsung would have lost so much more money (not to mention the lives of the passengers who were in danger) had the aircraft been in flight. For one, the loss of sales may be important to the company but perhaps not more so than reputation, brand loyalty and respect.

The series of events are indeed unfortunate because the Galaxy Note 7 was initially a solid device, probably even the best smartphone Samsung has ever brought to market.

As it stands, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead and may never be able to rise from the ashes, considering how the damage being brought about is on a massive scale. Without any further action on the part of Samsung — to curb these incidents involving even replacement units — consumers can expect to read about other exploding units in the future because several affected Note 7 devices are still out there.

The only logical move Samsung has right now is to end the manufacture of the handset, and move forward from this debacle by isolating the problem and making sure it never shows its head again in the future.

There may be hope for Samsung — albeit with a different device.

The Galaxy Note 8 should be viewed by the company as the golden child, the one smartphone to rule them all. It needs to be the best, because only Samsung's best can save its reputation next time around.

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