Dragon Ball Super's latest episode recently aired in Japan, and it was full of surprises. Chief among them was a brand new, never-before-seen form of Super Saiyan.

Spoilers for the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super below!

Leaks indicated that the identity of Goku Black would at long last be revealed during this episode, and those leaks turned out to be 100 percent accurate. Goku Black is in fact Zamasu from the future, having used the Dragon Balls to transform himself into what appears to be Goku. The other Zamasu, on the other hand, is Zamasu from a different timeline.

Kind of confusing, yes, but fans have long theorized Goku Black and Zamasu to be one and the same. But nobody saw Dragon Ball Super's next surprise coming. During the latest episode, Trunks goes into a rage and appears to transform into a brand-new form of Super Saiyan. It in many ways looks similar to his Super Saiyan 2 form, but it's clearly different in some ways. For starters, his eyes have turned white. His aura is also blue, gold and white.

So what is this new form? Is it a new form of Super Saiyan 3, or something else entirely? Many fans on Twitter and in various comment sections are noticing that the appearance of Trunks in his new form isn't all that different from that of Broly, the "Legendary Super Saiyan" from a number of Dragon Ball Z films. Like Broly, Trunks appears to bulk up even further during his new transformation, and just like Broly, his eyes turn white.

And here's what Broly looks like, for comparison purposes:

Legendary Super Saiyan is a rare form of transformation spoken of in ancient Saiyan folklore, said to possess near limitless energy. The transformation is said to be separate from the normal Super Saiyan forms and is in a class all its own.

Is this indeed what is happening? Is Trunks actually a Legendary Super Saiyan? It could be the case, though the numerous Dragon Ball Z films from which the idea of Legendary Super Saiyan comes from have never truly been regarded as "canon" in the series. If Trunks is now a Legendary Super Saiyan, series creator Akira Toriyama may be hand-selecting the idea from the films and choosing to officially make it canon after all these years.

Alas, fans will have to wait until the next episode to learn more about this powerful new form. In the meantime, it sure is a great time to be a Dragon Ball fan.

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