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'Dragon Ball Super' Just Introduced A Brand New Way To Use The Spirit Bomb

One of 'Dragon Ball Z's' most iconic abilities is given a brand new form in 'Dragon Ball Super'.

Movies/TV Shows November 16, 2016

Vegito Set To Appear In The Next 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode

The combined power of Goku and Vegeta may be the only thing that can defeat the evil Zamasu in the next episode of 'Dragon Ball Super.' The stakes have been gradually escalating.

Movies/TV Shows November 8, 2016

'Dragon Ball Super' English Dub Officially In Production

An English dub of 'Dragon Ball Super' is on the way from Funimation.

Movies/TV Shows November 4, 2016

Official 'Dragon Ball Super' English Sub Arrives, Crunchyroll And Others Will Simulcast Future Episodes

Watching 'Dragon Ball Super' just became far easier for English-speaking fans.

Movies/TV Shows October 20, 2016

'Dragon Ball Super' Just Revealed Another New Form Of Super Saiyan

The latest episode of the show not only reveals the identity of Goku Black, but also reveals a new Super Saiyan form.

Movies/TV Shows October 10, 2016

The Origins Of 'Dragon Ball Super's' Goku Black Mave Have Just Leaked

The mystery behind the new villain will be revealed in upcoming episodes, but the surprise looks to have already been spoiled.

Movies/TV Shows September 30, 2016

Toonami Asia Still Isn't Sure When The English Dub Of 'Dragon Ball Super' Is Arriving

The English debut of 'Dragon Ball Super' was supposed to come in July or August, but that didn't come to pass.

Movies/TV Shows August 29, 2016

'Dragon Ball Super's' Super Saiyan Rose Form Is The Real Deal

The new form of Super Saiyan makes its official debut in a new teaser for an upcoming episode of 'Dragon Ball Super.' The teaser confirms that Super Saiyan Rose is real.

Movies/TV Shows August 22, 2016

'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: A New Super Saiyan Hair Color Might Be Inbound

The 'Dragon Ball' series has had all sorts of Super Saiyans appear in the story. Now, if rumored leaks are to believed, yet another one will be joining the mix.

Movies/TV Shows August 9, 2016

'Dragon Ball Super' May Soon Reveal A New Form Of Super Saiyan

The popular anime series looks like it will soon debut a brand new form for the show's current villain.

Movies/TV Shows August 9, 2016

It's Goku vs. Goku In The Latest Episode Of 'Dragon Ball Super'

The Goku fans know and love faces off an evil version of himself in one of the strangest 'Dragon Ball' storylines yet.

Movies/TV Shows July 8, 2016

The Latest 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode Wastes No Time Killing Off Characters

The new 'Dragon Ball Super' arc is off to a great start.

Movies/TV Shows June 13, 2016

'Dragon Ball Super' Trailer Shows An Outmatched Future Trunks

The upcoming episode will see the return of Future Trunks, as well as the addition of a brand new enemy.

Movies/TV Shows June 7, 2016

Goku Sure Looks Evil In New Poster For The 'Dragon Ball Super' Future Trunks Story Arc

Alongside a new poster, more details about the upcoming 'Dragon Ball Super' story arc have been revealed.

Movies/TV Shows June 3, 2016

Dragon Ball Super's Next Arc Will See The Return Of Future Trunks

The sword-wielding saiyan from the future will return in the next story arc in 'Dragon Ball Super.'

Movies/TV Shows May 9, 2016

'Dragon Ball Super' Just Brought Back Kaio-Ken In A Big Way

One of Goku's long-forgotten techniques makes a comeback in 'Dragon Ball Super.'

Movies/TV Shows April 21, 2016

Goku And Vegeta Get Beards In The Latest Episode Of 'Dragon Ball Super'

The heroes of 'Dragon Ball' grow facial hair in the latest episode of the Japanese anime.

Movies/TV Shows February 22, 2016

Akira Toriyama Is No Fan Of 'Dragon Ball Super' Anime: Fixing The Script To Make It Better

'Dragon Ball Super' is a huge disappointment as the new series fails to live up to expectations. The series doesn't stand up on the same level as modern animes, and writer Akira Toriyama is of the same mindset.

Movies/TV Shows January 26, 2016

'Dragon Ball's' Latest Form Of Super Saiyan Just Got A Name Change

The latest issue of the 'Dragon Ball Super' manga has officially changed the name of the latest form of Super Saiyan.

Movies/TV Shows October 22, 2015

Looks Like Hercule Is Going Super Saiyan In 'Dragon Ball Super', Wait What?

The comedy relief of the 'Dragon Ball' universe may have just become one of the most powerful men alive.

Movies/TV Shows October 12, 2015

Watch The Japanese Intro To 'Dragon Ball Super'

'Dragon Ball Super' premiered on Japanese TV sets over the weekend, and although there's no word when it will make its way to the U.S., at least we now can get a look at the series' opening credits.

Movies/TV Shows July 6, 2015

'Dragon Ball Z': A Beginner's Guide To The World Of Super Saiyans

Ever wonder what exactly is up with all those muscular men with the spiky hair? And why are they trying to get a dragon's balls? Wonder no more with this beginner's guide to 'Dragon Ball Z.'

Movies/TV Shows July 1, 2015

'Dragon Ball Super' New Character Name And Number Of Episodes Revealed

The recently released promo art for the upcoming 'Dragon Ball Super' introduced some new characters to the series. One of them just became a little less msyterious.

Movies/TV Shows June 20, 2015

New Storyline Details Released About ‘Dragon Ball Super’

'Dragon Ball Super' will feature characters from the latest feature film. The first episode will catch up with Goku years after the defeat of Majin Buu.

Geek June 18, 2015

Watch The First Trailer For 'Dragon Ball Super'

The first trailer for 'Dragon Ball Super' is finally here! Here is a sneak preview of what the franchise's first new TV anime in 18 years.

Movies/TV Shows June 14, 2015

'Dragon Ball Super' Premieres July 5 In Japan

The next generation of 'Dragon Ball' begins next month in Japan.

Movies/TV Shows June 6, 2015

'Dragon Ball Z' Returns This Summer With A Brand New Series

Titled 'Dragon Ball Super,' the new anime series airing in Japan this summer will pick up after the events of 'Dragon Ball Z.'

Movies/TV Shows April 28, 2015

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