Update: The Halloween Terror event in Overwatch is currently live on all platforms! Original story below.

It seems like almost every aspect of Blizzard's Halloween surprise has now been spoiled, including its release date. According to a recent post on the European PlayStation Blog, Overwatch Halloween loot boxes will go on sale starting tomorrow, Oct. 12.

The blog lists the loot boxes under the "DLC New Release" section of the post. Presumably that means the Halloween event will kick off on PC and Xbox One at the same time, though that has yet to be confirmed.

Over the past few weeks fans have slowly uncovered almost every aspect of the upcoming event. First came news of the Halloween loot boxes themselves via a leak on the Xbox Store. Next, redditors unearthed details on the Halloween event's new game mode and the long-awaited debut of new character Sombra. A leaked Overwatch comic book cover shows several characters dressed in Halloween costumes as well.

Most recently, a teaser on the Taiwanese Overwatch website all but confirms the event is the real deal, showing Junkrat dressed as a mad scientist and Roadhog as the Frankenstein monster. That image has since been removed, but not before fans grabbed screenshots of it.

Leaked details point toward a possible co-op mode for the event that has players teaming up to defeat Dr. Junkenstein's evil Ominic robots, which would be a significant departure for a game that currently only supports 6 v 6 versus multiplayer battles. Of course, players can also expect plenty of Halloween-themed skins, sprays and other customization items to be added via the limited-time Halloween loot boxes.

If all the various leaks are to be believed, the update may also see the arrival of Sombra, Overwatch's long-awaited next character. For months fans have been decrypting complicating puzzles created by Blizzard in order to learn more about, and possibly unlock, the SMG-wielding hero, and it looks like she will finally arrive sooner rather than later.

Blizzard has yet to officially announce the Halloween event, and likely won't spill the details until the moment it goes live on the Overwatch servers. It was much the same with Overwatch's previous event, Summer Games, which saw limited time Olympic themed items and game modes added to the game for a limited time. Blizzard recently teased that fans could expect more events and updates in the near future, and this appears to be what they were talking about Expect more details very, very soon.

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