Apple is reportedly working on a keyboard that has its keys outfitted with an e-ink display. This was according to a Reddit post which cited the same device being exhibited in a tech event in China.

It is easy to dismiss rumors as nothing but false claims but this tipster has provided an accompanying video to support his discovery during the Foxconn-sponsored event in Tsinghua University. This one has one caveat: this information is far from concrete as the source himself said.

According to the Reddit post, the e-ink keyboard was developed and manufactured by an Australian startup called Sonder. Now, Apple — through its Procurement board office — is reportedly taking over the company and the source of that information is no less than a Foxconn Innocon executive. It seems that the process is not yet completed; therefore, the e-ink or magic keyboard might not be implemented at all.

Reddit poster Foxconninsider, whose identity has been verified by the forum's moderators, was only able to capture the Sonder e-ink keyboard prototype. This could morph into the future version of the Apple Magic keyboard. He added, however, that there was a MacBook DTF model being demonstrated with an e-ink keyboard.

The tipster said that the MacBook appeared to be similar to the latest models available in the market today except for the e-ink keyboard display. He also vaguely referenced a lighting panel, which could be the OLED panel that Tech Times previously reported last Oct. 1. One can also turn to computer renderings by Martin Hajek for insights about the concept.

Now this particular angle concerning the MacBook can be supported by recent report that Apple will launch a redesigned MacBook Pro with a secondary touch screen display. According to reports, this could be implemented in such a way that the screen shows different keys depending on the app being used. In this concept, Apple could also make switching keyboard language support easier for international users.

Whatever the case is, the possibility of a secondary display might no longer prove impressive today. The Lenovo Yoga Book has already introduced that feature although according to a very different interpretation.

It is difficult to verify this kind of big update from Apple considering how secretive the company operates especially with respect to product development. But if one heads to Sonder's website, one will find that, indeed, it has an existing e-ink keyboard product. The product splashed in the website's homepage, which looks like the one shown in the leaked video, is being touted as a keyboard that has infinite possibilities. It is now available for preorder and will start shipping in the last quarter of 2016. It is not going to be surprising if those shipments will arrive at consumers' doorsteps bearing the Apple logo.

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