No doubt you've run across this kind of player in many an online multiplayer game before.

They only pick one character. Their performance is underwhelming, yet they rage in chat about how the entire team sucks. When they are bested, they claim the other team is cheating or hacking. And, of course, they are a sore loser.

According to Cards Against Humanity Super-PAC The Nuisance Committee, that's exactly the kind of player Donald Trump is. A new Anti-Trump billboard from The Nuisance Committee has been spotted in Florida, and it makes the claim that Trump "Mains Hanzo And Complains About Team Comp In Chat" while depicting a caricature of Trump yelling at a computer screen.

For those not in the know, Hanzo is a character Blizzard's popular shooter Overwatch, a character that many players pick despite their team not really needing Hanzo's set of skills. The stereotype is that players who often pick Hanzo are extremely confident in themselves and prioritize their personal goals over the good of the team, because Hanzo oftentimes doesn't fit all that well into a given team composition.

But the billboard is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Trump and Overwatch comparisons. The billboard directs readers to, which goes on to compare Trump's various actions over the course of his presidential campaign to that of a angry gamer who blames everybody but himself.

"The Other Team Is Using Hax!" reads one section of the site, before proceeding to list how Trump constantly complains about how the media treats him unfairly.

"The Controller Is Broken" reads another section before describing how Trump has a long history of blaming others when things don't go his way, specifically citing the instance when Trump claimed his poor performance at the first debate was due to a broken microphone.

While the billboard and the various points the website makes are entertaining enough, the real highlight of all this are the cartoons of Trump dressed as Overwatch characters sprinkled throughout Here's an image of Trump looking upset as Bastion.

And here's another of Trump drawn as a depressed-looking Genji.

Here he is as an angry Junkrat.

Trump is strangely smug-looking as Reaper.

And, of course, Trump as Hanzo.

You can check the site out for yourself here.

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