New PCs have a habit of coming laden with junkware, and a computer with Windows 10 pre-installed can work way faster by getting rid of it, as the bloatware usually eats up memory.

Luckily for Microsoft's customers, the company offers a Windows 10 clean-up tool to take your PC to a clean slate.

Meet Microsoft's Refresh Windows tool, which purges all applications that are not part of Windows 10. It accomplishes that by installing a fresh copy of the OS.

However, this means that some useful software, such as the Microsoft Office suite, will get axed in the process, so you should have the necessary media to reinstall it after you use the Refresh tool.

What is more, the Windows settings are reverted to default options. When it comes to personal files or documents, the tool allows users to remove or keep them.

The Microsoft Refresh tool landed during the summer in the Windows Insider program and it is good to see it reach consumer level so fast.

Accessing the tool is simple: go to Start - Settings - Update and Security. From that window, select the setting in the Recovery left panel. Once you do that, click the link in the right that reads "Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows." You will find it under the "More recovery options" tab.

Clicking the link should send you to a website where you can read all about the Refresh Windows tool and find a download button for it.

Those who want to save some time can open their browser and go directly to this page.

Simply tap the button labeled "Download Tool Now" in order to save the software to your hard drive. When the download completes, install it.

Users will get a second screen asking for a customization of the clean-up process. From it, you can select to have your personal documents left alone, or you can go full nuclear and erase everything. If you want to keep you files, select "Keep personal files only." After that, tap Start to begin the new OS installation.

Make sure you're prepared to give it the time it needs, as the download and installation process can take a while.

After it wraps up the installation, Windows brings you to the Lock screen and the sign-in screen. Once you log in normally, you will notice that Windows 10 is in a pristine, clean state. This means zero junkware to gnaw up your RAM or CPU power.

Keep in mind that you must reinstall all apps, software or Windows settings from before.

That is why we highly recommend using the Refresh Windows tool immediately after you purchase a new Windows PC.

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