Mafia III has the potential to be a great game, primarily because of its widely acclaimed story. However, as previously reported, the title suffers from a variety of glitches that compromise the overall playing experience.

While it is very rare for a video game to never have technical issues of any kind, the multitude of bugs and glitches present in Mafia III are very noticeable to the point that many gamers and reviewers are thinking that perhaps the title needed a few more months in development before its release earlier this month.

Fortunately, developer Hangar 13 is aware of the problems, and has released a tweet regarding the possible fixes coming to Mafia III.

No other details were provided regarding the coming fixes, though Hangar 13 responded to certain replies to the tweet by Mafia III gamers, including the future addition of the option to change clothes among other coming features. There were several features in Mafia II that were not included in Mafia III, and perhaps the coming updates will also be bringing back these features in addition to applying fixes.

There were also several Twitter users who showed support for Hangar 13 and Mafia III despite the glitches that were happening.

In a previous story, Tech Times covered a handful of GIFs uploaded by Mafia III players on glitches from the game. The glitches can be categorized into two main groups, with the first one being physics-based glitches that makes vehicles, people and other items in the game act in a way that they are not supposed to, while the second one are graphical glitches that sees objects and environments not being displayed correctly.

The GIFs previously featured include a car flying over a river, dead bodies floating into the air, parked cars embedded in the floor, and a magically appearing truck.

While the glitches ruin the sense of reality that Mafia III is looking to create for the world of New Bordeaux in the 1960s, they could be entertaining at times, and can even be considered funny. While Mafia III will surely benefit from having these glitches fixed once Hangar 13 releases the appropriate patches, gamers can laugh at them in the meantime.

An update that Hangar 13 recently released for the PC version of Mafia III boosted the frame rate per second capabilities of the game, which benefited players with high-end gaming computers. This shows that the developer is serious about making improvements to the game, so it should not be long before the glitches of Mafia III are fixed.

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