Several days ago Rockstar announced that Red Dead Revolver has just been made available to the PlayStation 4, leaving fans delighted but still pining for its sequel, which is arguably the better title. Now, it appears that the game studio could unleash Red Dead Redemption (or Red Dead Redemption 2) due to a huge blood-red clue teased in both of the developer's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

There was no outright reference to Read Dead Redemption itself. As a matter of fact, the teaser only involves a Rockstar cattle brand-style logo, but the background was what got everyone excited. It was in the same grungy red paint that is found in the concept arts for Red Dead Redemption. For most, this signals two possibilities.

First, Rockstar could take the same path it did with Red Dead Revolver. Here, Rockstar could remaster it with better graphics or simply modify it to support the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One platforms. Revolver, for example, got an upgraded graphics so that it now has 1080p up-rendered visuals.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility that Rockstar is on the verge of releasing Red Dead Redemption 2. The game studio has been reportedly working on this sequel for some time. However, there are two conflicting factors that could undermine this. First, there is the fact the game is expected to be released in 2017. Second, Tech Times previously reported that Rockstar is working on several high-profile titles, which should delay the sequel's release.

To be fair, speculation about Red Redemption 2 has been swirling as early as July, days before Gamescom took place. The event was widely touted as a possible launch platform. The game, however, did not make an appearance there.

Presently, it is not yet clear how long those blood-red teaser graphics will stay at Rockstar's social media profiles, but the gaming community is one in saying that something is afoot and it will be revealed soon.

"Why does Rockstar always do this?" a clearly agitated fan posted in Rockstar Newswire forum. "Always have to be secretive, just come out and say what things ... then people hype it up like crazy and then assume things and then get disappointed."

The level of excitement is quite palpable since the game has rightfully earned a cult following. Red Dead titles were able to successfully implement the Grand Theft Auto game mechanics into the American West setting. With the teaser, Rockstar is under pressure to deliver the goods. Otherwise, it will have to contend with disappointed pitchfork-wielding fans.

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