Pokémon GO has a new update since Oct. 14, and the upgraded version of the smash hit mobile game landed on both Android and iOS. Let's see what novelties and improvements is the latest version of the game packing.

It should be mentioned that this is not the first update that Niantic released during the past week, and the current 1.11.4 iOS and 0.41.4 Android versions bring rather small changes.

The previous version of the app brought an addition to the Pokédex, which worried players, but the latest update comes with no new features, as the changelog only states "minor fixes."

Keep in mind that this is not unusual for Niantic, which uses these occasions to make small modifications to the game without spelling them out. Gamers identify the changes at their own pace, and some are even appreciative of the Easter-egg like attitude.

However, the latest update might just fix a number of recent issues that caused the app to shut down randomly. After the previous update reached mobile devices, both iOS and Android users complained that versions 0.41.2 Android and 1.11.2 iOS were loaded with bugs and had a penchant for crashing. Things were so bad, in fact, that some players were unable to even start up the game.

Sadly, the previous version of Pokémon GO still faced the traditional server difficulty problem, with the servers going down a few hours before the latest update rolled out. Niantic took the bull by the horns and addressed the issue on Twitter, but mini-monster trainers were understandably unhappy.

It is uncommon for the company to update its game so often, so it is safe to assume that the update holsters minor fixes that will get rid of recent bugs. Only time will tell if the fixes are taking care of the unpleasant crashes.

The game got a few new features, such as permitting trainers to take up to six Pokémon into friendly gyms instead of just one. Another neat addition is that earning medals also grants capture bonuses and a decrease in the duration of the evolution animation time. This means that trainers can now evolve a lot more Pokémon during a Lucky Egg session.

Keep in mind that Niantic usually pushes out Pokémon GO updates every two weeks, which schedules the next batch of fixes and new features for end of October.

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