With Halloween just around the corner, most people alread have their trick-or-treating outfits picked out for a night of door-to-door candy collecting, or partying all night long.

Well, what about those with four-legged, furry children? Not to worry! There's never a shortage of costumes that are perfect for the personalities of your favorite pets. Several ingenius Pin collectors on Pinterest have put together some pretty wild, funny and creative outfits for their furry friends.

Have a look at some of these fine examples to get your creative juices flowing for Halloween:

Turn any pet into a bona fide Chia Pet!

Spider Pug

Who can resist this special delivery?

Release the hounds!

Garden duty

Super friends

Celebrating the Pug-Life

Katy Puppy!

Do you like scary movies?

Fast food junkies

For more costume ideas for your dogs, visit this Pinterest board for Halloween inspiration.
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