'Sleeping Dogs' Developer United Front Games Reportedly Closed Down


If rumors are to be believed, Canada-based United Front Games, the studio behind ModNation Racers, Triad Wars and the popular Sleeping Dogs, has already closed shop. This recent development has surprised the gaming community since it only released its latest game last month.

So far, there are still no officially available details confirming the closure. A recent Twitter post from one of the company's producers, however, seems to corroborate the news.

Reports of United Front Games shutdown began surfacing after players complain via social media that they are not able to purchase its latest online multiplayer third person brawler Smash + Grab game at Steam. This was then followed by a news report by Kotaku Australia citing a source inside the company who confirmed that the studio has indeed closed down.

The reason for this latest turn of events is not yet clear as of this writing. Representatives of the company have been giving out interviews about Smash + Grab's Early Access run at Steam this week. But the game has been pulled out unceremoniously Oct. 17 with only its main page left to show for its brief stint at the digital distribution platform.

An official confirmation from United Front Games would be an unfortunate news for the gaming community. The startup's narrative is quite endearing because it was founded by former employees who have worked for big game studios such as Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games and Black Box Games, among others. The company's first title was ModNation Racers, which rolled out in 2010. It hit pay dirt, however, when Sleeping Dogs rolled out in 2012. The open-world crime adventure game was a hit, launching a spinoff title called Triad Wars.

"Games are our life and passion inside and outside of the studio, which is why we strive to continue creating great games and rewarding experiences," the team stated in its website.

Smash + Grab, for its part, has earned generally positive reviews from Steam users. The studio even partnered with Nexon to publish the game. It was initially sold for $19.99 upon its release, then briefly at a discounted price before becoming entirely free to play. While this game is already unavailable, some of the United Front Games' titles are still available such as the Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.

United Front Games has also contributed to the development Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and LittleBigPlanet Karting.

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