Designer Yves Behar might just make some sleep-deprived parents very happy with the new Snoo high-tech cradle, intelligently designed to rock fussy babies to sleep.

A good crib is essential for babies to have a good night sleep, but babies can get agitated even in the comfiest of cradles. Parents who wake up countless times in the middle of the night to rock their babies back to sleep may be particularly fond of the Snoo crib, which will do the baby calming for them.

The Snoo is a neat robotic, Wi-Fi-enabled crib designed to automatically take action when the baby starts getting fussy. The cradle monitors the baby's noise and movements and mimics a "womb-like motion" with womb noises for a calming effect.

The smart crib aims to give parents a better chance to sleep through the night, or at least part of it — it won't feed the baby so parents will still have to handle that. Behar worked with pediatrician Harvey Karp to create the Snoo, and the crib should also be quite comfortable in addition to its smart tricks.

The Snoo has an integrated cotton swaddling strap allowing parents to lock the baby down in a position that "emulates its time in the womb," while mesh sides allow for smooth air flow for a more comfortable sleep.

"When it detects noise and agitated movement, the bed's gentle rocking movement speeds up until its occupant drifts off back to sleep — meaning parents don't have to rise," reads the product description.

"Snoo is often able to calm even the worst crying jags and help babies fall asleep," adds Behar, a father of four who is well-familiar with sleep deprivation.

For parents worried about potential radiation exposure, Dehar has designed the crib with a metal Wi-Fi shield embedded in the platform of the bed, sitting between the Wi-Fi module and the baby to avoid any potential harm. Parents can also turn off the Wi-Fi completely with a simple touch of a button.

The Snoo smart crib also collects and sends sleep pattern data to a companion app so that parents can easily track their babies' sleep. Microphones placed inside the crib detect when the baby starts crying and they also triangulate the noise so they will only trigger the rocking motion and white noises when the crying comes from inside the crib. This measure aims to ensure the crib won't get activated by crying noises from the TV, for instance.

The Snoo is available for preorder at $1,160 from Happiest Baby and promises "sleep at the touch of a button," while also claiming it's the safest baby crib ever. To get a better idea of what this smart robo-crib has to offer, check out the video below.

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