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More US Women Use Marijuana During Pregnancy, Says Study

More women admitted to using medical and nonmedical marijuana during pregnancy in 2017 than in 2001, according to a new study. The drug is also more prevalent among those who are in the first trimester of their pregnancy.

Public Health June 20, 2019

No Amount Of Alcohol Is Safe During Pregnancy: Study

Researchers discourage drinking any amount of alcohol at any stage of pregnancy. Teens exposed to alcohol in the womb tend to have connectivity issues in brain that have also been been identified in people with depression, autism and schizophrenia.

Public Health April 28, 2019

Tennessee Mom Krysta Davis Chooses To Carry Dying Baby To Term To Donate The Organs

A Tennessee mother decided to carry her dying baby to term even if doctors told her the baby would only live for about 30 minutes. She made the decision so she could donate her baby's organs.

Feature | Health February 9, 2019

Flu Vaccination Very Important For Pregnant Women Says CDC

The CDC has published a report that revealed that pregnant women are 40 percent more at risk of hospitalization if they do not get their flu shot. Public health officials recommend that everyone gets vaccinated this month.

Public Health October 15, 2018

Babies Given Solid Foods At 3-Months-Old Sleep Longer, New Study Claims

A new study conducted in Britain suggests that parents should introduce solid foods to their infants when they are 3 months old. The study claimed that infants who were fed solid foods slept longer throughout the night.

Public Health July 9, 2018

18-Month-Old Baby Has Super-Rare Uncombable Hair Syndrome, Which Affects 100 People Worldwide

Parents of an 18-month-old baby discovered that their baby had an Uncombable Hair Syndrome. The syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder that has only affected 100 people around the world.

Public Health June 12, 2018

Kansas Mom Battling Breast Cancer Delivered Healthy Baby Despite Doctor's Persistence To Have Abortion

A woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer days after finding out she was pregnant decided not to have an abortion. The Kansas native gave birth to a healthy baby boy in 2017.

Public Health May 26, 2018

Iowa Baby Hit By Softball During Game May Have Suffered 'Significant' Brain Damage

Earlier in May, eight-week-old McKenna Hovenga was struck by a foul ball at her father's softball game suffering a fractured skull. Doctors are now saying that Hovenga may have suffered significant brain damage due to the incident.

Medicine May 14, 2018

Baby Girl Suffers Fractured Skull, Brain Bleeds In Freak Softball Accident: Here's How You Can Help

McKenna Hovenga, a seven-week-old baby girl, suffered a fractured skull and brain bleeds after her head was hit in a freak softball accident. The baby remains hospitalized, with her parents at her side for her recovery.

Medicine May 10, 2018

Baby Falls Off Bed, Suffers Brain Damage: Mother Warns Parents On Seriousness of Head Injuries

Infant boy Colton Ferguson fell of a bed and hit his head, suffering a fractured skull and brain damage. Colton's mother, Paige, is now urging parents to take head injuries seriously, as their family faces the grueling ordeal.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 8, 2018

Study Says Poor Diet Before Conceiving Can Have Long-Term Effect On Future Baby's Health

A new study conducted by The Lancet found that poor diet and health prior to conceiving can lead to detrimental effects in the child's health. One of the common diseases that can affect children is obesity in either parent.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 17, 2018

Mom Finds Used Needles On McDonald's Baby Changing Table

A young mother found three used needles on the baby changing table at a McDonald's restaurant and thinks these were intentionally left to injure somebody. What was fast food giant's response to the incident?

Public Health April 9, 2018

Baby Delivered During Flight From Paris To New York

A woman gave birth to a baby boy on a plane that was making its way from Paris to New York. The baby's delivery had been successful, thanks to a 27-year-old medical doctor Dr. Sij Hemal.

January 19, 2018

Baby Born With Heart Outside Her Body Is Still Alive, Against All Odds

Vanellope Hope Wilkins, who was born with her heart outside her chest, is still alive three weeks after being delivered. Doctors expected a next to impossible chance for survival, but the baby has defied the odds.

Medicine December 14, 2017

Baby Food And Infant Formulas Tested Positive For Arsenic, Lead, And Other Toxic Chemicals

More than half of baby products, including infant formula, that researchers examined were found positive for toxic chemicals. Mainstream brands, which include Gerber and Enfamil, were among the worst offenders.

Public Health October 25, 2017

59-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth After Decades Of Attempting To Get Pregnant

After nearly four decades of attempting to get pregnant, a 59-year-old woman finally gave birth to a baby boy. What helped Akosua Budu Amoako to have a successful pregnancy?

Feature | Health July 18, 2017

Massive Bundle Of Joy: Indiana Woman Delivers 16-Pound Baby Boy

A family in Indiana was surprised when their expected bouncing baby boy turned out bigger than most. The newborn baby weighed 16 pounds at birth.

Feature | Health July 1, 2017

Eggs Can Help Boost Growth In Babies: Study

A new study shows that feeding infants one egg daily can improve the child’s nutrition and reduce stunted growth. Parents can introduce egg to babies at 6 months.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 9, 2017

Watch Video Of Newborn Baby Who Tried To Walk Immediately After Birth

In a viral video, a baby in Brazil appears to walk soon after birth. While some consider this a precocious behavior, some experts offer an explanation for the newborn's stepping motion.

Feature | Health May 29, 2017

How Did This Arkansas Baby End Up With 100 Rat Bites?

A couple from Magnolia in Arkansas faces Class B felony as their baby has suffered a maximum of 100 rodent bites. The couple has revealed knowing about the rat infestation in their house but didn't do anything, according to investigation.

Public Health May 18, 2017

Couple Says Goodbye To Their Baby Without Brain: Donates Organs To Save Other Infants

The Oklahoma couple who carried their terminally ill baby to full term says their heartbreaking goodbyes. Eva Young’s organs will be donated to give hope to other kids.

Feature | Health April 28, 2017

Crying Chart For Newborns: British And Canadian Babies Cry The Most

The new universal crying chart revealed that babies from Britain, Canada, and Italy cry more than infants from other countries. Researchers stated that crying could vary because of several reasons such as, parenting, feeding, and social inequality.

Life & Style April 4, 2017

Controversial IVF Treatment Approved: Newcastle University To Create First '3-Parent Baby' In The UK

The UK could see its first ‘three-parent baby’ by the end of the year. Regulators licensed Newcastle University to perform the controversial IVF technique, which gives women with mitochondrial disease a chance at having a healthy baby.

Biotech March 17, 2017

This Toddler’s Message To His Terminally Ill Baby Brother Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

A mother witnessed her older son comforting his younger sibling, who is diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of cancer. The preschooler’s show of love for his baby brother is heartfelt and deeply moving.

Public Health March 10, 2017

Breastfeeding Mom Shares Story Of Losing Baby After He Accidentally Starved

Jillian Johnson, a mother who decided to breastfeed her son Landon, shares the story of his death after he accidentally starved. 'Breast is best, but follow with the bottle,' she says.

Public Health March 4, 2017

Pregnant Inmate Gives Birth On Prison Cell Floor Of County Jail

Jessica Preston gave birth on the prison cell floor of the Macomb County Jail despite that the hospital is just about three minutes away. Her baby was born one month early and weighed less than 5 pounds.

Public Health February 12, 2017

New Jersey Giving Parents Free Baby Boxes To Lower Infant Mortality Rate

New Jersey is now the first U.S. state to launch a universal baby box program. How can the program help reduce infant mortality rate?

Public Health January 27, 2017

Controversial IVF Technique Produces ‘Three-Parent’ Baby In Ukraine

The pronuclear transfer technique, also called “three-person IVF,” is a world first that recently produced a baby girl for an infertile couple in Ukraine.

Biotech January 19, 2017

Louisiana Mom Expected Twins But Gave Birth To A 14-Pound Baby

A mom from Lousiana gave birth to a 14-pound baby last December. The mom of four almost passed out upon hearing the weight of the baby.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 12, 2017

$1,160 High-Tech Robotic Snoo Crib May Be Sleep-Deprived Parents' New Best Friend

A new high-tech robo-crib from Yves Behar aims to make those sleepless nights a thing of the past for sleep-deprived parents. The smart cradle will instantly calm fussy babies by rocking them to sleep and playing womb-like white noise.

Smart Home October 19, 2016

Vegan Mom Who Fed 11-Month-Old Baby Nuts And Berries Charged For Child Endangerment

A mother was charged of child endangerment for feeding her 11-month-old son only nuts and berries. The child suffered from malnutrition, developmental delays and rashes.

Public Health October 7, 2016

First Three-Parent Baby Born In Mexico: Here's How A Fertility Doctor Made It Possible

Through mitochondrial transfer, a fertility doctor made possible the birth of a three-parent baby. The procedure was performed because the mother carries genes for Leigh syndrome.

Biotech September 28, 2016

Is It Safe To Get A MRI When Pregnant? Study Says No Increased Risk In First Trimester

Researchers found that there are no increased health risks for the mother or baby when women are given a standard MRI in the first trimester; however, MRIs with contrast may increase the risk for stillbirths and other complications.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 7, 2016

This Mom-Created Emoji App Lets Women Express What Motherhood Is Really Like

EmojiMom is the emoji keyboard app for iOS that allows women to better express to their friends and family what pregnancy and motherhood is really like.

Life & Style August 8, 2016

Munchkin Issues Recall Of Pacifiers And Clips Over Choking Hazards

Product recalls in the US this week include a recall of Munchkin pacifiers and clips (sold as a set) due to choking hazards. Learn more information from a recall announcement posted by the CPSC.

Public Health May 7, 2016

Listening To Music May Sharpen Your Baby's Language Skills

Incorporating music to your baby's playtime may potentially boost language and music skills, a new study revealed. Researchers say music and speech both have rhythmic patterns.

Neuroscience April 26, 2016

Eating Salmon During Pregnancy May Protect Baby From Asthma

A recent study has linked the intake of salmon during pregnancy to reduced risks of asthma in offspring.

Life April 9, 2016

FDA Wants To Cut Inorganic Arsenic Levels In Infant Rice Cereal

The FDA announced a limit on the levels of inorganic arsenic in infant rice cereals. High exposure to inorganic arsenic can affect performance on tests that gauge a child's learning abilities.

Life April 3, 2016

Taking Multivitamins In Early Pregnancy Cuts Miscarriage Risk

Taking multivitamins before and during pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of miscarriage, a study revealed. Not all multivitamins are safe for the baby however, and doctors only recommend certain prenatal nutrients.

Life March 28, 2016

Water Births Do Not Pose Harm To Newborns: Study

Researchers found babies born using the water birth method don’t have increased chances of experiencing low Apgar scores compared to the non-water births. However, there is an 11 percent increased chance of perineal tearing in women who use the water birth method.

Life January 23, 2016

Moms, Dads Hold Your Jaws: You Need To Add Smartbe Intelligent Stroller To Your Wish List

Smartbe is an intelligent stroller concept that combines state-of-the-art technology with innovative safety features for your baby. What's notable about the stroller is its anti-theft feature that unlocks the wheels only by authorized people.

Gadgets January 22, 2016

San Francisco Couple Tweets Story Of How They Gave Birth To Their First Child At Home

San Francisco-based couple Marco Rogers and Aniyia Williams delivered their own child at home last Jan. 2. They shared the amazing tale and rare occurrence of safe home birth on Twitter.

Life January 11, 2016

Mom Who Delayed Cancer Treatment To Have Baby Announces Death Of Newborn

A pregnant mother from the UK was diagnosed with a rare type of breast cancer that required urgent treatment, leading her to deliver her child early. The baby, born 12 weeks prematurely, died on Dec. 19.

Life December 21, 2015

Pediatrician Shows How To Effectively Calm A Crying Baby [Video]

A pediatrician from California shows the best way to instantly soothe a crying baby. He said the technique usually works and does wonders for parents.

Life December 5, 2015

Mother Of Baby Left In Manger Scene Identified But Won't Be Charged

The mother of a newborn baby left in a Christmas manger in New York has been identified. After a thorough interview, Queens District Attorney said the mother will not face charges under the 'safe haven' law.

Society November 27, 2015

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