Both Apple and Google announced plans to release more emojis that promote gender equality, especially when it comes to women. This includes female versions of various jobs and sports, and the Unicode Consortium even added a pregnant woman to its list of new emojis.

Emojis are the way to express ourselves when texting, and while these new additions are great for women, there still aren't enough characters to properly capture all the emotions of motherhood.

That's why three working mamas decided to develop their own emoji keyboard that allows mothers everywhere to better describe their lives.

Called EmojiMom, the keyboard extension allows users to express what motherhood is really like. This is because it gets really real with characters such as one for pumping in the bathroom while at work, a woman in labor, a crying baby on an airplane and even one for IVF.

While some of them truly reveal the hardships of pregnancy and being a mom, others take a more lighthearted approach, like the teasing ones of saying no to sushi and a pregnant woman having a glass of wine.

Sarah Robinson, Hannah Hudson and Natalie Ralston decided to create the app after experiencing their own real parenting moments, such as when one of their babies urinated on her work clothes in the first few days of going back to work post-baby. It was during moments like that that these mothers wished they had an emoji to describe the situation or how they were really feeling.

Sure, there is already the cute baby emoji that is all smiles, but what about the crying baby, the peeing baby sans diaper and the baby spitting up on their mom?

So, the ladies teamed up with an illustrator and and developer to then make EmojiMom to make the emojis a reality on behalf of parents — not just moms — who really need them in their lives.

The emoji keyboard also features ones when daddy goes crazy, a sweet one of daddy sleeping with the baby skin-to-skin and being up with the baby at night while mom catches some Z's. The women have plans to add more dad-specific ones over time.

Of course, since it's women who enjoy the beautiful moments and hardships of pregnancy and childbirth, this app is really focused on the soon-to-be and already moms of the world. These include everything from pregnancy tests to sonograms, doctors appointments and having "baby brain." There are also the emojis that compare the growing baby with fruits, depending on how many weeks pregnant the woman is.

Then, when its time for the baby to come, there are many emojis to describe the birthing process, complete with ones for twins and postpartum emojis like nipple cream and hospital underwear. There are also plenty of options for the baby, with various skin tones, including bath time, crying, sleeping, happy and having a dirty diaper.

Now, moms can communicate with other moms and describe the real feelings and moments of motherhood thanks to these emojis.

EmojiMom is available to download only for iOS for $1.99.

Source: Today

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