The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has donated two million dollars to Oceans 5, an international funders collaborative, in an effort to protect marine wildlife.

Leonardo DiCaprio starred in such films as "Titanic" and "Catch Me if You Can." He is a dedicated environmentalist who fitted his Los Angeles home with solar cells, and is known to drive electric and hybrid cars.  

Oceans 5 reports the donation will be used to combat damage done by illegal fishing and to build marine reserves for wildlife.

"Oceans 5 is an exciting new platform for marine conservation. Working together with other philanthropists, we are making smarter, more impactful investments for the future of our planet. My Foundation supports Oceans 5 projects that are directly improving ocean health by stopping overfishing and creating marine reserves," Leonardo DiCaprio said.

The United Nations recently named DiCaprio as a "messenger of Peace" for his work building awareness about global climate change. On Sept. 16, 2014, the international group named DiCaprio as an official representative on climate change.

The Wildlife Conservation Society was the recipient of a one million dollar donation from the activist and actor in November 2010. The following year, DiCaprio announced his support for a campaign by the Animal Legal Defense Fund's drive to free Tony, a tiger held captive for a decade at a Louisiana truck stop. In February 2014, the actor donated three million dollars to environmental group Oceana, aimed at preserving sharks and other species.

Oceans 5 was founded in 2011, and has supported 13 projects, so far, supporting a health ocean ecology. Eight donors make up the base of funding for the results-oriented group.

"The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is a valued partner of Oceans 5. Leo's personal commitment is phenomenal. He brings enormous energy and enthusiasm to our work for the oceans," Kristian Parker, Chairman of the Oak Foundation, headquartered in Geneva, said.

Only around two percent of the Earth's oceans are legally protected from illegal fishing, according to the 40-year-old actor. The newest donation will help support the formation of four new conservation groups, which will focus on reducing illegal fishing around Europe, the largest seafood market in the world. Enforcement of fishing regulations around Costa Rica, Columbia, Ecuador and Panama will become easier with the construction of a radar station paid for by DiCaprio. Residents of Cook Island creating a marine park in a territory three times larger than California will also see their work boosted by funding from the donation.

Endangered sharks will also enjoy greater protection through the multi-million dollar donation.

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