Apple's iPhone premium handsets are definitely one of, if not, the most popular smartphones in the world to date. So it only is ideal for iPhone owners to wish to have the best apps there are.

Developers must have had a call from an angel as they decided to significantly drop the price tags on various apps. And although Mondays are typically gloomy as it indicates the start of a possibly busy week, this list of iPad or iPhone apps will surely improve one's mood. From weather apps to third-party keyboards even to sticker packs for iMessage, smartphones are typically capable of almost everything these days.

Take advantage of these paid to free apps because these will definitely not last forever and you surely would not want to miss any of them. Check the list below.

Rainonme - Darksky Rain Alerts, Radar & Maps

Regular Price: $1.99

This weather app is one of the best ones out there. Tracking the user's location helps the app send personal text messages on the day's weather and rain reports with 95% accuracy. Its customizability allows users to receive text messages the exact minutes before rain or snow pours at the location. With Rainonme, there is no need to open the app from time to time to check on weather forecasts.

Cat O'Lanterns

Regular Price: $0.99

The recent iOS 10 update allowed users to use iMessage in a unique and fun way. iMessage now works similar to how messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger does by letting users exchange stickers or personalized hand-written texts.

Cat O'Lanterns gives fans of Halloween, fall, pumpkins or cats in general to send cute stickers and decorate their iMessage chat boxes with love.

BeardMe: Beard & Mustache Stickers

Regular Price: $0.99

The app is easy to use for users who want a good laugh. Simply look for a family member's or friend's photo or snap one on the spot, and stick them some beards for a silly guise!

Water Tracker!

Regular Price: $0.99

Developed to work with Apple iPhone's or iPad's built-in health app, HealthKit, the Water Tracker! app helps users track their water intake daily. Progress can be seen using Apple's HealthKit app through a widget or custom reminders.

Next Keyboard - Beautiful Themes, New Emojis & Stickers

Regular Price: $1.99

Apple has finally permitted third-party keyboard apps to be used within the iOS ecosystem to replace the built-in keyboard whenever users feel like doing so.

Next Keyboard is one beautiful third-party keyboard app for iPhone or iPad. It has instant access to emojis, playful stickers, predictive text inputs, auto correct and fast editing.

Users can customize the app by choosing from a wide selection of beautiful themes and use it anywhere as a regular keyboard.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Regular Price: $1.99

Alarmy is today's innovative answer to sleeping in and failing to wake up on time even with the alarm clock turned on. This app was designed to force people out of bed by registering a photo of any place in the house. And the only way to stop Alarmy once it sets off is by taking a photo of the registered area, nothing more and nothing less.

Mume VPN

Regular Price: $0.99

Keep your browsing history private with Mume VPN. It implements custom proxies with Network Extension framework based on iOS Shadowsocks protocol.

Sound Cycle - Listen to inner peace

Regular Price: $1.99

Create a peaceful and calm surrounding by listening to the sounds of nature such as rain, wind and more. Users can also use timers to automatically turn it on or off during rest or when awaken.


Regular Price: $2.99

The only free gaming app in this list, WarMen takes gamers back to 2013 as a member of the resistance doing missions against a global enemy. Fans of tactical shooting games will love this app as it mainly focuses on taking cover behind walls or obstacles to hunt enemies down.

Wright - Markdown for the Masses

Regular Price: $3.99

Create documents and notes with Wright and have them saved and synced instantly via iCloud in real time. It has a clean interface with minimalistic design ideal for organizing work or home schedules.

Remember, these apps are originally paid ones on the App Store and are only available for a limited time. So, download them now!

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