Apple And Roku Look Out As Chinese Company LeEco Prepares To Launch Streaming Video Service In US


LeEco is moving to make a big splash in the United States with its newest products. One of the exciting products the Chinese company plans to launch in the country is an entertainment video platform.

This is a streaming platform similar to Roku and Apple's own streaming video service. The LeEco platform, which doesn't have a name as of yet, will launch with Showtime, Lionsgate, MGM, Sling, Vice, The Travel Channel, Machinima, Mitú, Magnolia Pictures and even Awesomeness TV.

From what we can tell from a report that comes from The Verge, the service is missing several key players. This means the new LeEco streaming service will likely have a difficult time competing with the big boys. The company must do its best because all the major sports services are missing as well.

LeEco will have to land HBO, Amazon Video, Hulu, ESPN, Netflix and much more if it wants to compete effectively in a crowded market.

LeEco is well known as a content company in China. This is something it has been doing since the mid-2000s, so folks in the United States should keep an eye out for a lot of internet-based services as the company slowly rolls out its services in the country.

It should be noted that LeEco has not given any information on how its video streaming service will work and the type of devices it will feature on. However, seeing as the company acquired Vizio in the past, one could assume many Vizio devices will feature this streaming service.

For those who are not aware, Vizio is known for manufacturing and selling televisions and other electronics.

Going forward, things are going to be tough for LeEco because it doesn't have a household name when compared to the big boys. The company might have better chances in the mobile market with the Le Pro 3 smartphone.

Outside of smartphones and streaming services, consumers should look out for cars coming from LeEco. The company is moving to bring an electric car to the United States that is made in China. The car is called the LeSEE, and not only is it electric, but it's self-driving as well.

If everything goes according to plan, LeEco with the LeSEE could give Tesla and other car companies a run for their money. Tesla is the biggest electric and autonomous car dealer in the United States, so it has the most to lose should the Chinese company gets a headway.

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