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B&H Offers $800 Discount On 15-Inch MacBook With Touch Bar

B&H is having a massive Black Friday sale on Apple products, with savings of up to $1,100. You can get a MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac Pro for much, much less than their retail price.

Computers November 25, 2017

Users Report 2016 MacBook Pro Keyboard Issues: High-Pitched Sounds, Non-Functional Keys, And More

Users are reporting 2016 MacBook Pro keyboard problems. Here's what we've learned so far about the MacBook Pro keyboard issues.

Apple February 23, 2017

LG Confirms 5K UltraFine Display Router Proximity Problem, Says Future Units To Be Fitted With Enhanced Shielding

LG has confirmed that its UltraFine 5K Displays indeed have router proximity problems. LG has promised that units manufactured after February won’t come with the issue, and that preexisting units will be fixed, but how exactly remains foggy.

Gadgets February 4, 2017

Apple's macOS 10.12.3 Update Fixes MacBook Pro Graphics, Battery Problems

Apple is intent on fixing MacBook Pro’s battery woes. The company has now released a new update to macOS Sierra that apparently tidies up the MacBook Pro’s battery and graphical performance issues.

Apps/Software January 24, 2017

New MacBook Pro Finally Receives Consumer Reports Recommendation, Because Apple Really Wants It

Apple went through a lot of trouble to acquire a Consumer Reports recommendation for the 2016 MacBook Pro. The publication initially deprived the laptop of a recommendation due to its inconsistent results in battery life testing.

Apple January 12, 2017

Apple Pinpoints Reasons Behind Failed Consumer Reports Recommendation For MacBook Pro: Faulty Testing Method, Bug In Safari

Apple has pinpointed the reasons why the new MacBook Pro did not receive a recommendation from Consumer Reports. According to Apple, the publication's testing was flawed, and that it triggered a bug in Safari.

Apple January 10, 2017

Top 10 Tech News Of 2016: Galaxy Note 7, 'Pokémon GO,' Nintendo Switch, AirPods, Touch Bar, And More

As 2016 comes to a close, let’s take a brief glance at the controversy-addled year, filled with breaches, VR headsets, and exploding Note 7 devices. Here are the biggest tech news of 2016.

Gadgets December 31, 2016

Spotify For Mac Gets Update, Brings Touch Bar Support For The New MacBook Pro And AirPods Auto-Pause Feature

Spotify has released a new update that comes with integrated Touch Bar controls for the new MacBook Pro models, alongside support for Apple’s wireless AirPods. The new improvements are a welcome addition to Apple’s fledgling Touch Bar.

Apps/Software December 26, 2016

Apple Looks Into New MacBook Pro's Failure To Get Consumer Reports Recommendation Due To Battery Issues

Apple failed to secure Consumer Reports’ coveted 'recommended' rating for its 2016 MacBook Pro lineup, caused by the laptops’ inconsistent battery performance. As a result, it is now working with the publication to look into problems with the battery life.

Computers December 24, 2016

New MacBook Pro Failed To Get Consumer Reports Recommendation, But Here's 5 Reasons Why The Apple Laptop Is Worth It

Apple has failed to net Consumer Reports’ 'recommended' rating for the 2016 MacBook Pro models, due to battery issues. Despite this, here are five reasons why the laptop is still excellent.

Computers December 23, 2016

New MacBook Pro 2016 First MacBook To Not Get Consumer Reports Recommendation: Battery Life Problems To Blame

Consumer Reports, a publication that has consistently given MacBook models in the past its 'recommended' rating, didn’t hand out one for the 2016 MacBook Pro models. The laptops’ inconsistent battery life apparently detriment its chances.

Computers December 22, 2016

Best New MacBook Pro Touch Bar Apps: Adobe Photoshop, 1Password, And More

Developers are now updating their software to take advantage of the MacBook Pro's secondary OLED display. Although it was only introduced last October, a number of apps are already using it in several ways.

Apple December 19, 2016

MacBook Pro macOS 10.12.2 Update Reportedly Improves Battery Life: Apple Quietly Rolls Out Fix?

New MacBook Pro users are reporting that the recently launched macOS 10.12.2 update is improving the battery life of their laptops, That said, Apple seems to have quietly rolled out the change.

Apple December 15, 2016

Fix Your New MacBook Pro Issues With This Accessory: Meet HyperDrive's USB-C Hub That Can Save You From Dongles

Does the lack of dongles on the new MacBook Pro keep you from nabbing the Apple laptop? If so, then HyperDrive's USB-C hub may be just the thing you need.

Computers December 6, 2016

First MacBook Pro 2016 Owners Are Reporting GPU Glitches: Are You One Of Them?

Owners of the early batches of Apple's MacBook Pro 2016 are reporting GPU-related glitches through various channels. Issues include freezing laptops, flashing displays, colored bars filling up the screen and unrecoverable crashes.

Apple November 28, 2016

No 32 GB RAM New MacBook Pro Option? That's Because It Would've Reduced Battery Life, Apple Says

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior VP for marketing, has explained the absence of a 32 GB RAM MacBook Pro. According to him, such a model would have required a different logic board design that posed a risk of reducing battery life.

Computers November 21, 2016

MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Teardown: Tough To Repair, Impossible To Upgrade

Ever wondered what's inside the new Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Well, it's all the things you'd expect. However, when it comes down to repairing the device should those things go bad, that's where things begin to get hurt the DYI folks right in the gut and the pocket.

Apple November 17, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 With Touch Bar Models Are Now Hitting Some Apple Store Shelves

Several people have started spotting the new MacBook Pro model with the Touch Bar inside Apple Stores across some cities in California. The new MacBook Pro retails for $1,499 for the base 13-inch model and $1,799 for the Touch Bar model.

Computers November 16, 2016

MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Review Roundup: Here's What Tech Experts Are Saying About The Late-2016 Apple Laptop

Apple's late 2016 Macbook Pro's most impressive new feature is the Touch Bar, but to some, this is more of a gimmick than anything else. From what reviewers are saying, it would seem Apple has a winner here, but the Touch Bar, the price and lack of ports could be its Achilles heel.

Apple November 15, 2016

Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro 2016: Can The Updated Microsoft Laptop Give The New MacBook A Run For Its Money?

Microsoft launched the Surface Book i7 a day before Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro 2016 lineup. With specs for both laptops closely similar to one another, which laptop is the better option?

Apple November 14, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 First Batch Of Orders Now 'Preparing For Shipment': Customers May Get Their Laptops By Nov. 11

The 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 models with the Touch Bar display feature will soon arrive to customers who preordered the variants. The order status of the said laptops has changed to the 'preparing for shipment' tag.

Apple November 11, 2016

This USB Killer Can Destroy Your Google Pixel, MacBook Pro And Other Computers In A Blink

A new YouTube video shows one how to make their own DIY USB Killer using an AA battery and a camera flash. The homemade USB Killer is put to test against the new MacBook Pro, Google Pixel, GoPro 5 and other devices with interesting results.

Gadgets November 10, 2016

Another New MacBook Pro Problem: Tests Reveal Compatibility Issues With Current Thunderbolt 3 Devices

Accessory manufacturer Plugable discovered in tests that currently available Thunderbolt 3 devices are not compatible with Apple's new MacBook Pro computers. The reasoning behind Apple's decision to drop support for older Thunderbolt 3 devices remains unclear.

Apple November 6, 2016

Apple Marketing Boss Explains Why The New MacBook Pro Has No SD Card Slot, Among Other Changes

Apple SVP for worldwide marketing Philip Schiller defended the company's decision to remove the SD card slot for a camera memory card. He claims that the slot is 'cumbersome' and pointed to other technologies available to users.

Apple November 3, 2016

New MacBook Pro 2016 Doesn't Have Enough Ports? OWC's Thunderbolt 3 Dock Has Got You Covered

OWC is offering a timely recourse for the lack of ports in the new MacBook Pro models Apple unveiled last week. With the Thunderbolt 3 Dock, you'll get 13 ports in one dock, including an SD card reader, a Gigabit Ethernet port and much more.

Computers November 3, 2016

Should You Buy The New MacBook Pro? Here's What An Analyst Says

Apple's MacBook Pro 2016 is now available for purchase but has been receiving flak for its steep pricing and lack of sufficient RAM. If you're confused as to whether you should buy the new MacBook Pro, a tip from an analyst could help you decide.

Apple November 3, 2016

New 13-Inch MacBook Pro Without Touch Bar Confirmed To Have Removable SSD: Upgrade After Purchase Possible?

A teardown by OWC revealed that the SSD module of Apple's new 13-inch MacBook Pro with no Touch Bar is removable. This means that customers will be able to apply aftermarket upgrades to the computer.

Apple October 30, 2016

LaCie Bolt 3 SSD More Expensive Than New Apple MacBook Pro

Look at that, an SSD that is more expensive than the newest Apple MacBook Pro. This device is quite fast, probably one of the fastest SSDs to ever been created, but is that good enough for LaCie to kick the price beyond many?

Gadgets October 30, 2016

Be Careful With The New MacBook Pro Touch Bar: It's Going To Cost You If You Break It

The Touch Bar of Apple's new MacBook Pro is one of its most head-turning features. It also adds another way for the laptop to sustain damage, with repairs to come with steep costs.

Apple October 30, 2016

You Can't Plug Your iPhone 7 Into The New Apple MacBook Pros [Read: Spend More To Buy A New Cable]

The iPhone 7 cannot be plugged to the new MacBook Pros. iFans have to buy a separate adaptor or a new cable to connect the two devices, which means extra cash yet again to shell out.

Apple October 29, 2016

The New Apple MacBook Pro Doesn't Have An SD Card: Another Headphone Jack Scenario?

The SD card slot is very important for many computer users, but Apple doesn't see it that way. The company chose to break its new MacBook Pro free from the SD card slot in favor of nothing new and exciting.

Apple October 29, 2016

New MacBook Pro 2016 vs. MacBook Pro 2015: Is The Upgrade Worth It?

Apple has unveiled its new MacBook Pro lineup, with new 13-inch and 15-inch models coming with the new Touch Bar, Touch ID, sixth generation Intel processors and updated graphics. But is the added price worth the upgrade?

Apple October 29, 2016

New MacBook Pro To Get Touch ID, Touch Bar 1Password Features: Here's A Sneak Peek From AgileBits

The MacBook Pro now has Touch ID, a feature that is mostly overlooked. AgileBits seems to have taken due notice of it, though, posting a sneak peek video of how Touch ID can work with password managing software 1Password.

Apps/Software October 29, 2016

Apple's New MacBook Pro Touch Bar Is Awesome, But Is It Useful?

Apple's new MacBook Pro comes with a Touch Bar, and it brings all sorts of functions to the table. However, will it really be useful in real-world situations?

Apple October 28, 2016

MacBook Pro 13-Inch vs. MacBook Pro 13-inch With Touch Bar vs. MacBook Pro 15-Inch With Touch Bar: Which Apple Laptop Should You Buy?

Apple has rolled out its latest MacBook Pro laptops. Check out our comparison between the 13-inch MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar before choosing which one to buy.

Computers October 28, 2016

LG's UltraFine 5K Display Was Made For Apple's New MacBook Pro

Apart from the new MacBook Pro models Apple unveiled on its latest event, it also announced an external monitor created by LG. The UltraFine 5K display features a built-in camera, speakers and a 27-inch 5K display, among other things.

Computers October 28, 2016

Want To Get Up To $300 In Savings On The New Apple MacBook Pro With Touch Bar? Here's How

The new MacBook Pro models of Apple not only come with great new features and specs, but also with steep price tags. Here is a way to save up to $300 in purchasing the new laptops.

Apple October 28, 2016

Apple Only Planning To Release 4.7-Inch iPhone 8 and 5.5-Inch iPhone 8 Plus In 2017, No New 5-Inch Model Planned

A recent report claimed Apple was planning to release three iPhone 8 models in 2017. A new report claims the company will not launch a 5-inch model and instead will launch only two new iPhones, 4.7-inch iPhone 8 and 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 28, 2016

New MacBook Pro vs. Surface Book: Battle Of The New Apple And Microsoft Devices

Apple has released the updated MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar, and Microsoft has also released the updated Surface Book. How do these devices fare in terms of features, display, battery life, pricing and more? Let's find out.

Computers October 28, 2016

Apple Unveils 13- And 15-Inch MacBook Pros With New Touch Bar And Touch ID, Preorders Start Today

Apple announced its redesigned MacBook Pros that are available to preorder today, featuring its new OLED strip called Touch Bar and Touch ID.

Computers October 27, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016: Everything We Know About The Magic Toolbar

The MacBook Pro 2016 lineup is said to tout a new Magic Toolbar, a secondary OLED touch display that replaces the traditional function row keys on the laptop. We share all the information available on this impending toolbar.

Apple October 27, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 Gets Leaked By Apple Via macOS Sierra 10.12.1, Confirms Touch Panel 'Magic Toolbar' Ahead Of October 27 Event

Ahead of Apple's Mac-themed event on Oct. 27, images of the new MacBook Pro were found hidden inside macOS Sierra 10.12.1. The leaked image confirms that the new MacBook Pro will have a secondary OLED touch display.

Apple October 26, 2016

Three New MacBooks Show Up In Russian Trademarks Ahead Of Apple's 'Hello Again' Event

As Apple's 'Hello Again' event draws near, leaked Russian trademark filings show that the company is readying to release three new MacBooks. The MacBooks are also said to be running macOS Sierra.

Apple October 24, 2016

Apple October 27 Event: MacBook Pro 2016 Specs, Design, Features And Everything We Know So Far

Apple is set to unveil its updated line of MacBook this coming Thursday, Oct. 27. The MacBook Pro 2016 units will reportedly be available in 13-inch and 15-inch frames with improved design and features.

Computers October 24, 2016

Apple To Unveil MacBooks At October Event, But No iMac Or Display Until Next Year

Apple should announce a new 13-inch MacBook, as well as 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro models at its Oct. 27 event, but might leave the desktop side for another occasion. New iMacs and 5K external display will reportedly not be ready until next year.

Apple October 23, 2016

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