A majority of Microsoft smartphone users will no longer be able use Skype starting October after the software company decided to drop its support for the app.

Skype support has been terminated for as many as 85 percent of mobile devices running on Windows as of this week. These include all smartphones operating on Windows 10 Mobile 1511, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.

While Skype is no longer available on the Windows Store, users with unsupported devices may still be able install Skype by downloading it through a direct link. However, they'll eventually lose the use of the messaging app once Microsoft terminates operation of Skype on its platform entirely in a few months' time.

According to reports, Microsoft is moving forward with its plan to move Skype to its cloud system by the early part of 2017. The company has already begun removing its support for the app from various Windows devices as well as from other platforms.

Microsoft continues to list Skype as one of the apps still available for use on gadgets with Windows 10 Mobile. However, it's worth pointing out that this only applies to those with Windows 10 Mobile 1607, which is also known as the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

So far, only 14 percent of Windows smartphones are currently running on Windows 10 Mobile. Of these, only 9.5 percent have been updated to have Windows 10 Mobile 1511.

Despite the Windows Insider program making it easier to upgrade to newer Windows 10 versions, not all Windows smartphones are capable of installing OS beyond Mobile 1511.

This is often the case for handsets made by smaller manufacturers as many of them do not have access to Windows 10 versions higher than Mobile 1511.

MSPowerUSer argues that Microsoft should at least allow consumers still using Windows Phone 8.1 on their devices to upgrade to the latest OS, especially since the company has started to cut its support for older Windows versions and eliminating the services that continue to power them.

It is also possible that other services, such as Cortana Beta and Xbox Music, may soon be unavailable for users should app developers discontinue their support for older versions of Windows as well.

Aside from Windows mobile devices, some Android smartphones could very well lose the use of Skype as well, particularly those running on Android 4.0.2 or older operating systems. If you own such a device and have already installed Skype, you will still be able to use it up until the end of this year.

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