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Workaholic Women Have Greatest Risk Of Diabetes: Study

There’s now another study that adds to the growing understanding of how being overworked affects overall health. This time, however, the focus is on women.

Public Health July 3, 2018

Female-Led Caper ‘Ocean’s 8’ Tops Weekend Box Office: What The Critics Are Saying

'Ocean’s 8' is officially a box office hit, raking in a domestic gross of over $41 million. But what do the critics have to say about the all-female reboot of the popular heist franchise?

Movies/TV Shows June 11, 2018

There Is Now An App To Tell Women How Often They Are ‘Manterrupted’ When Speaking

Woman Interrupted is an app that will let women know just how much men interrupt them when they are speaking.

Apps/Software March 8, 2017

How Do Jade Eggs Work Exactly?

Gwyneth Paltrow started to sell jade eggs on her website, Goop, for internal use in women's vaginas. The practice, which should empower women, is highly controversial.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 20, 2017

Sweden Now Has A Hotline Women Can Call To Report ‘Mansplaining’ Incidents In The Workplace

A Swedish company opened a hotline for a week in order to raise awareness about gender equality at the workplace. The project was highly successful.

Life & Style November 18, 2016

‘Jessica Jones,’ Season 2 Will Feature A Lineup Of All Female Directors

Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg of Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ on Netflix revealed that all 13 episodes of season 2 will be directed by women.

Movies/TV Shows October 24, 2016

No Longer The Happier Sex: Equality Makes Women As Unhappy As Men

An annual survey found that women are no longer the happier sex. Despite today's bigger and equal opportunities for women, figures showed that today's women are just as unhappy as men.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 9, 2016

Barbie Dolls Are Now Available In Different Body Shapes And Sizes

It looks like the Barbie doll line has gotten another makeover - one that has been 50 years in the making.

Movies/TV Shows January 28, 2016

Male Characters Have More Speaking Lines Even In Disney Princess Movies

Even fairy tales can be ironic. Disney princesses may be the stars of their movies, but linguists have found that male characters actually have more speaking lines.

Society January 27, 2016

Harassment, Discrimination And Other Issues Women In Tech Face Exposed By 'Elephant In The Valley'

A survey of women working in Silicon Valley companies for at least 10 years reveals that discrimination and sexual harassment is more prevalent in the workplace. Check out the results of the survey and see if you have experienced or witnessed similar issues.

Society January 12, 2016

How The Victorian Episode Of 'Sherlock' Embraced Feminism

After 'The Abominable Bride' episode of 'Sherlock' aired, some called the series sexist because of its portrayal of the suffragette movement. However, this episode actually embraced feminism and gave viewers a strong character in Mary Watson.

Movies/TV Shows January 4, 2016

Updated Girl Scout Cookie App Helps Girl Scouts Get Excited About STEM-Related Fields

Digital Cookie 2.0, the updated version of the Girl Scouts of America's e-commerce app, also has another important role: helping girls get excited about STEM.

Apps/Software December 9, 2015

Think Before You Click: Australian Man Loses Job After Posting Sexist Facebook Comment

A 22-year-old Australian man has lost his job after trolling feminist writer Clementine Ford on Facebook. Michael Nolan called Ford a "slut" in response to a remark from another guy making derogatory comments on her post.

Internet December 2, 2015

Watch The Bennet Sisters As Zombie Hunters In Trailer For 'Pride And Prejudice And Zombies'

Jane Austen meets George Romero in the latest trailer for the movie adaptation of the 2009 NYT best-seller 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.'

Movies/TV Shows December 1, 2015

Hedy Lamarr Helped Invent Wi-Fi: Here Are Other Feats Of Engineering

Hedy Lamarr is famously known as an exotic Hollywood beauty but it's time to learn more about the actress' contributions to science and technology. Find out how she improved everyone's lives with her patented idea.

Feature November 10, 2015

Canada's Prime Minister Selects Women To Represent Exactly Half His Cabinet 'Because It's 2015'

When asked why he chose women to represent exactly 50 percent of his cabinet, Justin Trudeau simply had three words as a response: 'Because it's 2015.' The new Canadian Prime Minister has earned the stamp of approval of feminists all over the world and said he aims to deliver a government that truly represents Canada.

Internet Culture November 6, 2015

Ada Lovelace Day Celebrates Women In STEM - And The Woman Who Made It All Possible

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, which celebrates women in STEM who are often underrepresented or discouraged from entering science- and tech-oriented fields. However, who was Ada Lovelace? Only the first computer programmer in history.

Society October 13, 2015

Holy Sylvia Earle!: 'Lumberjanes' #18 Review

Kat Leyh steps up to the plate after the departure of 'Lumberjanes' co-creator Noelle Stevenson, and while BOOM Studios' Eisner-winning comic series incurs a shift in direction, it looks like the girls of Roanoke Cabin are still going strong.

Movies/TV Shows September 18, 2015

'Hunger Games' Actress Amandla Stenberg Makes Pens To Celebrate POC Women

'Hunger Games' actress Amandla Stenberg has teamed up with Stranger Comics to write a comic book character whose journey, Stenberg says, is also her journey.

Movies/TV Shows September 2, 2015

Uber Is Changing The Lives Of Women In Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, where women are forbidden to drive for fear of spreading 'licentiousness,' Uber is giving them a sense of agency.

Apps/Software August 10, 2015

Do We Need A Female Doctor Who In The Future?

Many have been talking lately about a possible female version of Doctor Who. Is this something we really need, or is it just political correctness at its finest?

Movies/TV Shows July 29, 2015

Carrie Fisher Responds To Parents Who Find Slave Princess Leia Action Figure Unsuitable For Children

A Hasbro figurine that features Princess Leia in her 'slave girl' outfit has some parents upset. In response, Carrie Fisher says the get-up made her angry, too.

Movies/TV Shows July 15, 2015

Emily Bett Rickards Hopes The Next Season Of 'Arrow' Gives Us A Stronger Felicity

Emily Bett Rickards spoke of her hopes that the character of Felicity will be a stronger one in the upcoming new season of 'Arrow.'

Movies/TV Shows July 15, 2015

Hotly Anticipated DC Super Hero Girls Website Is Now Live

DC Comics has officially launched the website for its 'Super Hero Girls' line with hopes of drawing the attention of girls 6-12 to the DC universe.

Movies/TV Shows July 8, 2015

Facebook Brings Gender Equality To Its New Friends Icon

Facebook recently redesigned its friend icons to put the female figure slightly in front of the male one. It's a small change, but it could have a big impact on gender equality.

Internet July 8, 2015

Holy Mae Jemison! Co-Creator Noelle Stevenson Departs From Lumberjanes

Lumberjanes co-creator and writer Noelle Stevenson leaves the beloved, groundbreaking series -- so what will happen now?

Movies/TV Shows June 25, 2015

E3 2015 Showed Strides For Female Representation In Gamer Culture

Female representation in and outside of video games made huge strides at E3, but we still have a long way to go.

Geek June 19, 2015

Interactive Graphic Novel Is Helping To Prevent Sexual Assault On College Campuses

Despite federal Title IX investigation, Carnegie Mellon students are taking back the night with help from an immersive graphic novel.

Internet June 5, 2015

Miss Piggy On Receiving The Sackler Center First Award And Why She Is A Feminist Pig

Miss Piggy receives The Sackler Center First Awards and writes an Op-Ed on why she is a feminist.

June 5, 2015

Troll Impersonates Feminist And Pays For Promoted Tweets To Send Out Transphobic Hate Speech

A troll account impersonated Australian feminist campaigner and activist Caitlin Roper and sent out hateful tweets and graphic images. The fake account even paid for certain hateful tweets to be promoted through Twitter's advertising service.

Internet May 21, 2015

How 'Supergirl' Can Succeed Where 'Man Of Steel' Failed

Surprise! CBS' new 'Supergirl' show looks like a blast. From this six-minute trailer, we can already it's got everything that was missing from the dreary 'Man of Steel' movie.

Movies/TV Shows May 14, 2015

Joss Whedon Explains Why He Deleted His Twitter Account

Earlier this week, Joss Whedon was attacked by angry feminists for various aspects of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron.' He subsequently deleted his Twitter account. Today, he explains why these two things are unrelated.

Movies/TV Shows May 6, 2015

Tumblr Teen Creates Curvy Comic-Style Characters To Promote Body Positivity

A high school student is spreading the message of self-love and acceptance of others with her 'Cosmic Cuties' series, featuring illustrations of 'feminist goddesses' that 'fight sexist crime.'

Internet Culture May 6, 2015

Joss Whedon Just Deleted His Twitter Account

We don't know why, but Joss Whedon has left Twitter and deleted his account. Evidence suggests he did it because of hate-filled attacks suffered on Twitter. Read on for more details.

Internet Culture May 4, 2015

Dove's New Choose Beautiful Ad Sparks Online Backlash

Dove is at it again with its latest Real Beauty ad, asking women to "Choose Beautiful." Critics are slamming the beauty product brand for what they see as a condescending and intrusive approach.

Internet Culture April 13, 2015

Silicon Valley's Gender Gap Widens Even Further

Despite efforts to get more women working in tech the industry is becoming even more male dominated. A new report finds that the gender gap in Silicon Valley is widening.

March 26, 2015

Emma Watson Loves A Date Who Opens The Door But Doesn't Pay For Dinner

Emma Watson revealed that she enjoys having the door opened for her, but called it awkward when a man isn't comfortable with a woman paying for dinner.

Movies/TV Shows March 9, 2015

Young Girl Writes To DC In Support Of More Female Superheroes, So DC Turned Her Into One

Rowan Hansen , 11-year-old girl and comic fan, wrote to DC asking for more female superheroes. This was DC's response.

Movies/TV Shows February 20, 2015

Women Leaders at Workplace at Higher Risk of Depression than Men

Stereotyping and resistance are among the reasons why women in powerful position are more likely to exhibit signs of depression than their male counterparts.

Life November 23, 2014

TV Host Wears Same Suit For A Year In Protest Of Sexism

The 'Today' host wore the same knockoff Burberry suit with different shirts and ties for 365 days, in silent protest against the sexism his female colleagues constantly receive.

Internet Culture November 17, 2014

Twitter, WAM! partnership now makes it possible to report gender-based harassment on Twitter

Twitter works with a women’s rights group to create an online tool for reporting trolling, abuse and harassment on the microblogging platform.

Internet November 7, 2014

Hello Kitty turns 40: Is she still relevant?

Hello Kitty turns 40 today, Nov. 1. Clearly, society has changed a lot since 1974, so do people still identify with the character after all these years?

Movies/TV Shows November 1, 2014

Watch the trailer for Iran's first feminist vampire film

Written and directed by Ana Lily Amirpour and produced by Elijah Wood, 'A Girl Walks Home at Night,' takes place at the fictional Iranian town. It has received much praise from various film festivals.

Movies/TV Shows October 30, 2014

Watch little girls drop the F-word for gender equality

It's a commonly-held belief that little girls aren't supposed to say bad words. However, these young women want to remind us that there are worse words out there that don't begin with the letter 'F.'

Internet Culture October 22, 2014

Female tech execs model for controversial underwear ad

Dear Kate underwear company unveiled a new ad that features real female tech execs modeling the underwear. The controversial ad aims at empowering women in tech, but some find it hard to take the women seriously.

Internet Culture August 25, 2014

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