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Bethesda Giveaway Offers Customized 'Skyrim' PlayStation 4 Pro And Nintendo Switch: Here's How To Join

Bethesda will give away limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro and Nintendo Switch units that are customized with a 'Skyrim' design. Joining the contest is easy, but gamers interested in participating will need to send in their entries quickly.

Video Games November 19, 2017

Skyrim Special Edition Gets A Survival Mode, But There’s A Catch

'Skyrim Special Edition' is getting a Survival Mode next month, but those on PC can test the beta right now. It’ll be free in its first week of launch, but players have to pay should they miss this period.

Video Games September 28, 2017

Here’s A New Footage Of 'Skyrim' On Nintendo Switch: Is It The Special Edition?

New 'Skyrim' footage running on the Switch has now been published, demonstrating amiibo functionality and environments, among other things. Meanwhile, fans are still stumped whether the game is a 'Skyrim Special Edition' port or not.

Video Games September 4, 2017

Bethesda Tags 'Doom,' 'Fallout 4,' And 'Skyrim' VR Editions With 2017 Release Dates

'Doom VFR,' 'Fallout 4 VR,' and 'Skyrim VR' now have release dates, and they're slated for a 2017 launch. In other words, Bethesda is keeping its promise to launch these VR editions before the end of the year.

Video Games August 23, 2017

Did Bethesda Announce Paid Mods For 'Fallout 4' And 'Skyrim?'

At E3, Bethesda announced a new system for content creators known as the Creation Club. Here's how it works and how it could affect games and modders.

Video Games June 13, 2017

Fallout 4 Beats 'Skyrim, Is Now Bethesda's Most Successful Game Ever

Bethesda's 'Fallout 4' has routed 'Skyrim' in terms of popularity as well as sales. The former has now become the developer's most successful game ever.

Video Games February 8, 2017

'Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim': Here Are 10 Expert Tips For Skyrim Remastered

A special remastered edition of 'Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' was released late last year. Here are tips and tricks to help you make the most out of the game.

Video Games January 11, 2017

Nintendo Switch Launch Games Include Two New 'Mario' Titles, 'Skyrim'; In The Pipeline Are 'Super Smash Bros.', 'The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild'

According to an insider, two new 'Super Mario' games will be available for the Nintendo Switch upon launch, along with 'Skyrim'. Other titles in the pipeline include ports of fan favorites and 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'.

Video Games November 21, 2016

PS4 Pro Performance Issue: PlayStation 4 Pro Runs Some Games At Lower FPS Than Standard PlayStation 4

As gamers begin testing the beefed-up PlayStation 4 Pro, performance issues begin to emerge. What is particularly surprising is how it is outperformed by the base PlayStation 4.

Video Games November 14, 2016

'Skyrim: Special Edition' Has 6 Times The Number Of Mods On Xbox One Compared To PS4

Modders are already making their creations compatible with the upcoming 'Skyrim: Special Edition,' but PS4 players look to have few options.

Video Games October 25, 2016

'Skyrim Special Edition' Release Times, Free Upgrade Requirements Revealed: Complete All The DLC Before Then To Get It Free

The 'Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition' gets unlocked free for Skyrim title owners in time for the title's fifth anniversary. The update features improved graphics, 4K support, Mods for consoles and more.

Video Games October 24, 2016

'Skyrim Special Edition' PC Specs Requirements, PS4 And Xbox One Storage Space Revealed

'Skyrim: Special Edition' is set to hit shelves Oct. 28, bringing an overhauled and remastered version of the beloved original to current-gen consoles. Bethesda has published the storage and system requirements needed to run the game on PC and other consoles.

Video Games October 11, 2016

Sony Says No To 'Fallout 4' And 'Skyrim' Mods For PS4, According To Bethesda

The reason mods haven't arrived for 'Fallout 4' on PS4 yet? Sony.

Video Games September 9, 2016

'Skywind,' The Fan-Made 'Morrowind' Remake, Sure Looks Beautiful Using 'Skyrim' Engine

Work on the fan-made overhaul of 'The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind' continues.

Video Games June 6, 2016

There's A Cool 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back' Easter Egg Hidden In 'Skyrim'

Players are still discovering secrets in Bethesda's popular RPG, and this one is especially cool for fans of 'Star Wars.'

Video Games May 26, 2016

'Dark Souls 3' First-Person Mod Is Like A Brand New Game

It's kind of like Skyrim, but way harder.

Video Games May 17, 2016

Bethesda Doesn't Want You To See Footage Of The Cancelled 'Elder Scrolls: Oblivion' PSP Game

Footage of a nearly-decade-old prototype for 'The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion' appeared online earlier today, only to swiftly get taken down.

Video Games May 17, 2016

Gigantic 'Skyrim' Mod Overhauls The Game's Cities

Players are still improving 'Skyrim,' and this massive city mod is just the latest and greatest example.

Geek April 18, 2016

Cover Art For 'Doom' Leaves A Lot To Be Desired, But So Does Most Bethesda Game Cover Art

The cover art for 'Doom' is about as uninspired as they come, but it's just the latest in a long tradition of bland video game boxes.

Geek February 5, 2016

'Skyrim' And The Wasteland Collide In This 'Fallout 4' Easter Egg

Bethesda's 'Fallout 4' and 'Skyrim' both have this magic plant in common.

Geek November 30, 2015

New 'Skyrim' And 'Fallout' Action Figures On The Way From Funko

Get ready for the release of 'Fallout 4' with these new figures celebrating Bethesda's biggest franchises.

Geek September 22, 2015

New 'Skyrim' Mod Adds 'World Of Warcraft' Weapon Into The Game

Have you ever wanted more 'World of Warcraft' in your 'Skyrim'? With this mod, you can have your 'Skyrim' characters fight like the wizards, wolves and warchiefs of 'WoW.'

Geek August 14, 2015

Bethesda Says Not To Expect A 'Skyrim' Sequel For A Very Long Time

With Bethesda hard at work on 'Fallout 4,' the developer says it hasn't yet started work on the next project.

Geek August 13, 2015

'Skyrim' Mod Adds Cut Features Back Into The Game

Bethesda disabled a couple of macabre features from 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.' However, a modder recently found the code for them and introduced them back into the game with this mod.

Geek July 25, 2015

Comics Artist Spends $50,000 On A Custom 'Elder Scrolls' Basement

For the nerd who has everything, why not consider a $50,000 basement based on 'The Elder Scrolls' games? That's what this comics artist did and now he has the most epic basement of all kingdoms.

Internet Culture June 9, 2015

This Video Imagines Your Favorite FPS Games In LEGO Form

This might be the best two minutes of your day. Imagine that every video game starred LEGO Minifigures — but the physics and realism are spot-on perfect.

Internet Culture May 27, 2015

'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' News Round-Up: Gameplay Videos And Funny 'Skyrim' Easter Egg

We're just a week away from the release of 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,' and we're now seeing a lot of new gameplay videos surfacing. Here are the latest, along with a 'Skyrim' Easter Egg.

Geek May 12, 2015

'The Elder Scrolls Online' Drops Subscription Fee, Coming To Consoles In June

Bethesda Softwork's MMO is ditching its subscription free when it comes to consoles this summer.

Geek January 21, 2015

Woman recreates catcalling video in New Zealand and gets dramatically different results

After Hollaback's PSA went viral, many others have released videos to mimic the social experiment. While some are taking street harassment seriously, others are making parodies to poke fun at the situation.

Internet Culture November 5, 2014

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