Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Software Update Announced For Defective Smartphone


Samsung has just announced it will release a Galaxy Note 7 software update in Europe that will limit the battery from charging above 60 percent. The move is designed to limit the defective phablet's functionality in an effort to get loyal customers to return the device.

While Samsung sometimes faces harsh criticism for taking major inspiration from Apple, the same can be said in reverse. When Samsung launched its first Galaxy Note phablet in September 2011, many tech critics and smartphone fans called the device dead on arrival and claimed consumers would not buy the device because its 5.3-inch display was considered to be extremely large, bordering on small tablet territory.

Short History Of Samsung Galaxy Note

A year before the original Note's launch, Steve Jobs was blasting 4-inch Android smartphones for being too large and uncomfortable to hold during the iPhone 4's infamous Antenna-gate press conference.

He was asked why not just make the phone bigger so that the antenna might have more space within the device and thus get better reception. He replied that he disliked the new crop of bigger phones from Samsung, et al.

"You can't get your hand around it," he said, "no one's going to buy that." He also derided big phones as "Hummers," reported Business Insider.

Steve Jobs and Samsung's Galaxy Note tech critics were wrong, and consumers quickly warmed up to the idea of having more screen real estate, coupled with the Note series' now-iconic S Pen stylus. Samsung ended up selling over 50 million Galaxy Note phablets between 2011 and 2013. Since then, Samsung's Galaxy Note series has continued to become even more popular and ultimately forced Apple to finally admit consumers wanted Samsung-sized larger smartphones.

While some chalk the Galaxy Note series' success up to its large display, there are millions of loyal Note users who also choose the phablet mainly because of its S Pen, which sets Samsung apart from any other smartphone maker on the market.

The stylus isn't the plastic pointer once used in Palm Pilots or the soft-touch tipped styli sold today. Samsung's S Pen uses software and special hardware that enables it to perform a bevy of tasks while also providing the familiar feel of using pen and paper. Some might argue Apple Pencil is directly inspired by Samsung's S Pen.

Even though Samsung has unfortunately had to recall its latest Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries, there are many Note 7 users who refuse to exchange the device. In a recent article we published about Samsung considering offering Galaxy Note 7 customers discounts on its 2017 flagship devices, several commenters wrote that they are still holding on to their Note 7.

Galaxy Note 7 Battery Software Update

In an effort to get customers to return the faulty devices, Samsung has announced that it is going to push a Galaxy Note 7 battery software update in Europe that will limit the device from charging more than 60 percent.

"Our absolute priority continues to be customer safety," Conor Pierce, Samsung's mobile and IT vice president for the UK and Ireland, said in a statement.

"This new battery software update is specifically designed to remind all Galaxy Note 7 customers to replace their device at their earliest possible convenience through their local Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Programme."

It's unclear at this point if Samsung is planning to release the update in more regions. The company released a similar software update to Galaxy Note 7 owners in South Korea in September. We'll keep you posted on any additional details.

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