Come early 2017, Windows 10 users will benefit from the next big update dubbed the Creators Update, which focuses on fueling creativity.

On Wednesday, Oct. 26, at its Surface event, Microsoft made the impending update's announcement. It will be made available to Windows 10 users as a free download in spring 2017. The update will bring in its folds a slew of new exciting features that are bound to find favor with Windows 10 users.

"Coming as a free update early next year to the more than 400 million devices running Windows 10 and available to Windows Insiders this week, the Creators Update will bring 3D and mixed reality to everyone, empower every gamer to be a broadcaster, connect people faster to those they care about most, and much more," notes Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group, in an official blog post.

So what exactly are these new features?

3D For Everyone

As the name suggests, Microsoft is looking to offer 3D access easily to everyone and not merely restrict Windows 10 as being the home for VR, but also AR and HoloLens.

With the Creators Update, Microsoft is eyeing the introduction of several tools that offer support for 3D content. Thanks to the update, users will basically be able to turn on their Windows 10-powered laptop and begin to capture things, share and create - all in 3D. This would enable Windows 10 users to experience mixed reality first hand.

Creation of a 3D reality means that Microsoft is bringing support for the same to several popular Windows programs such as Paint and PowerPoint. So with Paint 3D, anyone will be able to develop and build a 3D shape or object. This can be sent to a 3D printer for printing. Alternately, go to PowerPoint and assimilate a 3D object from the clipart library that houses 3D objects and you can layer the movement - such as a rotating globe - into the presentation.

Microsoft has promised that it will implement 3D across "most popular applications" in 2017.

In-Built Game Broadcasting And 4K Gaming

Thanks to the Creators Update, Windows 10 users will be able to relish live streaming of games, as well as custom eSports tournaments on Xbox Live.

Moreover, the integration of the Beam game streaming system - it will be built in the Creators Update - will enable one to not only view gameplay on Xbox Live, but also engage in interactive broadcasting.

Connecting And Sharing Faster With MyPeople

Last, but definitely not the least, is the MyPeople feature, which enables users to pin favorite family and friends on their contacts list to their task bar. The advantage of this feature is that when you want to share a file or photo for example, you merely drag and drop it on to the icon! It is really that quick and simple, saving ample time when sharing and connecting.

When Will The Creators Update Become Available?

Microsoft has not given an exact date of release for the Creators Update, merely stating that it will launch in spring 2017. However, those who are enrolled in Microsoft's Windows Insiders beta program will be able to access and download an early version of the build this week.

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