Microsoft is reportedly working on an update to the Paint application, which is native to Windows since, well, the operating system was born. And based on the leaked videos, it appears that the coming changes will be quite spectacular.

The videos detailed how Microsoft is building the app from the ground up or is undergoing a major overhaul at the very least. The reason for this massive update is that the simple computer graphics app that we came to rely for basic image editing tasks will get 3D support.

Based on the demonstrated preview, Paint will come with nifty tools that could immediately render a figure into a 3D object easily and what appears to be libraries of stickers and 3D objects. This means that the average users can create images in this format even if they do not have knowledge of 3D.

Microsoft seems to be cultivating a community for this app, adding another dimension to the breadth of the Paint update. This community will serve as a resource for users as its members will not only help each other with the learning curve but also build a library of 3D images that can be imported as elements to a Paint 3D project.

Of course, the new Paint will still retain original tools and features that are used to work on 2D graphics. Users should not worry, therefore, that the process will radically become complicated.

Another emerging speculation is that the program is being designed to work with Microsoft HoloLens. If this is true, then it will be directly competing with Google's Tilt Brush, which is also an incredibly awesome app designed for its Daydream VR.

At this point, it is not yet clear if the upcoming Paint update will have an impact on performance or whether the application will increase in size and system requirements. Paint is quite popular and an indispensably nimble sidekick to other apps due to its lightweight build and simplicity.

What is known, based on the videos, however, is that it will be released for Windows 10 computers. It will most likely support a pen or stylus and, therefore, touch-friendly as well.

The video, which was posted by Twitter user WalkingCat corroborates previously leaked images of the upcoming Paint application. The Verge also learned that it is now in early alpha stage, which means it is close to a public release. It could possibly launch during Surface PC event happening on Oct. 26 in New York.

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