Google sees the new options from Unicode 9 as an opportunity to create a better representation of people, countries, and cultures around the world, and it will do that via a slew of new emojis in Android 7.1 Nougat.

Diversity Of Emojis

A consistent number of professions are now available in both male and female emoji form, which could make the description of your work even more nuanced. For example, with the new emoji set, you can underline that you are a lady artist, and techie, astronaut, firefighter, scientist, judge or student.

What is more, Google allows users to customize the emoji's skin tone. This will allow ethnic minorities (or majorities, for people native to countries that have Caucasian minorities) to be better represented.

Users simply need to touch and press any of the new emojis, opening a palette of choices for various skin tones and genders.

Those who felt that the single parent family was unrepresented in the former emoji batch can rest assured as Google packed a symbol for them as well. A number of new symbols is also holstered in the Android 7.1 Nougat emoji collection, with prominent examples being the rainbow pride flag, male and female symbols, as well as the symbol for medicine, Aesculapius' staff.

The majority of the new emoji contain "fallback" displays. This will allow the new "female mechanic" emoji to get an equivalent for platforms that do not support the new symbol, and older OS owners will see two symbols: a woman and a wrench emoji. It may be less smooth than the one-encompassing-all emoji, but it will send the point across.

You can peruse the vast collection of new emojis on Emojipedia. The first users who will tap into them are Google Pixel phone owners and those who enrolled in the Android 7.1 developer preview.

Keep in mind that some dated emojis were revamped and redesigned to keep pace with the times.

Why is this addition relevant to the average user?

Emojis are becoming an essential part of online communication. Mobile users all around the world use them to express nuanced emotions and situations that simple texting can no longer describe.

So far, emojis have a rather bad history of reinforcing stereotypes by excluding women's representations as highly skilled workers. The new Emoji library made possible by Unicode 9 takes a big leap toward correcting this issue.

There is a long list of phones that will receive the Android 7.1 update, and the expanded list of emojis adds to the patch's many pluses.

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