Google Tweaks Its Emojis For Android N To Be More Like Apple's: Here's What They Look Like


Even if you don't have an Android, we all know just how much Google's emojis differ from Apple's. Instead of looking like Apple's rounded smiley faces or more realistic interpretations of people, Google's emojis can best be described as yellow blobs that are gender-neutral.

However, this is all changing with the release of Android N.

Google announced last week that it was tweaking the design of its emojis to be more human. Instead of having gender neutrality, the emojis will clearly be male or female, and have features like ears and hair. These include a woman as a salsa dancer instead of the blob with the rose; a male cop; and actual people playing sports like wrestling or horseback-riding.

While this update does bring the emojis to be closer to its own version and Apple's — which is based more closely to the Unicode standard — Android N will still feature its blobs for its smiley face series of emojis, only they have become slightly more rounded and look straight on instead of leaning toward the side.

Users of Android N's emojis will also be able to change the skin tone of these characters. The skin tones will now match Apple's emojis, but Google is making brown hair the standard for the emojis that can't be changed.

Also, since Android N will support Unicode 9.0, there are lots of new emojis being added to the keyboard. These include the nauseated face, drilling face and lying face Pinocchio-style. There will also be food items like avocado, bacon, a pickle and sports like boxing and karate.

It seems that Google users get the best of both worlds with the adorable blob faces and more realistic human emojis that make better sense across platforms. Now, we all can wrongly use the information desk girl emoji or other more obscure options.

While we might think Apple has the best emojis, the Google ones look insanely adorable when it comes to the animals and other objects because of their more rounded and character-like design.

The new emojis will be released on Android N later this year.

Check out a full preview of all the emojis here.

Source: Emojipedia

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