When it comes to Pokémon, Nintendo always chooses to save the best for last. The house of Mario has slowly but surely been revealing many of the new pocket monsters gamers will be able to catch come the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon. While they've shown dozens of new creatures, they haven't revealed the final forms of each of the game's three starter Pokémon.

Officially, that is. Multiple leaks over the past few months did spoil the surprise about the final starter forms, but many details about the creatures were still uncertain.

Until now. At long last, an official reveal gives fans all the details on the final forms of Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, and they look to be definite crowdpleasers.

Fire cat Litten's third evolution transforms it into the fearsome looking Incineroar. Many fans feared upon viewing the leaks that Litten's final form would be yet another Fire/Fighting type, a type combination already seen numerous times by fire starters in the past. Thankfully that's not the case here, with Incineroar instead being Fire/Dark. Here's a description of the creature straight from Nintendo:

The Heel Pokémon Incineroar is the fully evolved form of the Fire-type first-partner Pokémon Litten. As Incineroar's fighting spirit increases, the flames it produces within its body burst from its navel and waistline. These flames resemble a championship belt, which it uses to unleash its moves. Incineroar is the only Pokémon able to learn the move Darkest Lariat. This new Dark-type physical attack allows Incineroar to deal damage to an enemy whilst ignoring the effects of any stat changes on that enemy.

Next up is Decidueye, Rowlet's final evolution. Despite its difficult to pronounce name, Decidueye's sense of style should make it a popular choice for players. Here's what Nintendo says about the bow and arrow wielding owl:

The Arrow Quill Pokémon Decidueye is the fully evolved form of the Grass- and Flying-type first-partner Pokémon Rowlet. Decidueye attacks with astonishing speed, plucking arrow quills from its wings to send them hurtling towards its target with precise aim. This Pokémon is able to move about whilst completely masking its presence from others. Decidueye is the only Pokémon that can learn the move Spirit Shackle. This new Ghost-type move hits an opponent and makes it unable to leave the battle-it can't flee or switch out.

Last but not least is Popplio's final form Primarina. The water type pocket monster doesn't appear to be nearly as popular as the fire and grass starters this time around, but it sounds like Primarina is no less powerful from Nintendo's description:

The Soloist Pokémon Primarina is the fully evolved form of the Water-type first-partner Pokémon Popplio. As Primarina dances, it releases balloons of water and controls their movement using the sound waves from its voice. Primarina uses some of these balloons to jump on and maneuver in battle whilst others explode when touched, which can trigger chained explosions. Primarina is the only Pokémon that can learn Sparkling Aria, a new Water-type special move which heals the burns of any target it strikes.

Pokémon Sun and Moon arrive on the Nintendo 3DS November 18. 

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