Own the AT&T variant of the BlackBerry Priv? Up in arms about the niggling "No Service" problem?

If you answered yes to both these questions, you will be pleased to learn that the Canadian company is paying heed to your plight and has promised a fix for the issue.

For the unfamiliar, several owners of the BlackBerry Priv - the AT&T variant of the handset - have been experiencing a "No Service" bug since mid-September, just a couple of months after the handset started getting Android Marshmallow. Because of the bug, users were unable to receive texts and emails on their BlackBerry Priv.

The only resolution for AT&T BlackBerry Priv users, albeit a temporary one, was to reboot the handset. However, this workaround too was not effective as the "No Service" message would still show up on the top left side of the display - the status bar of the device - right after one rebooted their BlackBerry Priv.

On Friday, Oct. 28, BlackBerry confirmed that it is working in tandem with U.S. network operator AT&T to hasten the rollout of the fix for the "No Service" bug that has been plaguing some users of the carrier's variant of the BlackBerry Priv smartphone.

While the company acknowledged that it had zeroed in on what was causing this problem, it did not disclose any details on the root cause.

"The root cause for this issue has been identified, and a solution will be made available shortly as BlackBerry is working with AT&T to expedite the release of a software fix. As soon as this available the knowledge base article will be updated, as well as this thread so everyone is aware," noted a BlackBerry representative on its official support forum. "Thank you for your patience and support while this issue was investigated!"

Considering the issue occurred in mid-September and it is nearly the end October, BlackBerry has been quite tardy in pushing out a software fix to Priv owners. As a result, several owners of the handset who have had enough of the innumerable workarounds and restarting the handset as a solution have possibly shifted to alternate smartphones.

If you are among those who have hung around patiently for a software fix to be made available for the AT&T BlackBerry Priv, then the wait is now nearly over. While BlackBerry hasn't given a time window for the bug fix, we are assuming that it will push out the update in a couple of days.

To stay in the loop on when the fix hits the AT&T BlackBerry Priv, keep an eye on the BlackBerry Knowledge Base article for updates.

Photo: Maurizio Pesce | Flickr 

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