The Google Play store houses a trove of Android file managers that stretch from comically and relentlessly laden with ads that completely hex the intended experience, to decent, fairly functional and works-as-promised entries.

ES Explorer was once part of the latter group, that is until the service progressively waned, leaving majority of the original fans of the app distraught and frustrated at what was once thought to be unprecedentedly the best file manager for Android phones.

The app's downfall is caused mainly by a surfeit of intrusive pop-up ads that accompany the app even in the device's lock screen, which is flinchingly terrible and completely against Google's rules.

In addition, cosmetic touch-ups came to the app a while back that withdrew many of the functions of the app to begin with. It's still debatable whether the app still deserves a second look, but for good measure, AndroidPIT decided to yank ES Explorer out of its list of best apps, which speaks a lot. A lot of users have also jumped ship, and ES Explorer is steadily losing its once-loyal audience.

Are you one of those people affected by ES Explorer's malignant behavior of force feeding pop-up ads? Then here is a list of alternatives to finally get rid of ES Explorer from your device. While Android did have its own file manager system in the past, it involved complex steps just to access. Thankfully, many file manager apps are in the app store that make the task easier.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer's real edge is its drag-and-drop functionality for phones and tablets, making navigation a cinch. It features a two-pane interface that makes it easier to jump between locations when looking for or transferring files. It includes support for archived files, indexed searches and a root explorer mode.

Solid Explorer offers a 14-day trial version, but if you own the Solid Explorer Unlocker, you can get the premium version for free.

Asus ZenUI File Manager

Asus' proprietary file manager is the default file managing system for Asus smartphones, and it's a blessing because it's actually a pretty solid app for what it's worth. The best thing about the ZenUI File Manager is that it supports cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

It also supports archived file formats and comes with extraction tools built in. It's free and completely ad-free too despite dipping below other alternative in the aesthetics front.


Cabinet's currently not available to download from Google Play in the United States, but it remains a formidable alternative to ES Explorer. The app is a stripped down and simple file management system that features a clean, Material Design interface. If you want something uncomplicated and straight to the point, then Cabinet will be a good fit for you.

File Commander

File Commander is initially a free file manager for Android but with in-app purchases that unlock extra features. Rather than the traditional directory interface, it present a user's files in a less-daunting organization system, parsing down files in libraries for easy access. It's a safe and solid file manager that supports file sharing, remote access and cloud storage.

In conclusion, whatever file manager app you pick from the list above should serve you well, just as long as you avoid ES Explorer. Unless they course correct their seemingly flippant onslaught of intrusive ads, the developers behind the app will likely lose any audience they earned back when ES Explorer was a benign, useful and clean app.

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