New Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 Issue: Samsung Keyboard Malfunctioning In Stock Email App


A new issue has surfaced for the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge smartphones of Samsung.

The good news is that it does not involve exploding batteries and devices catching fire. The bad news is that the issue is a major problem for smartphone owners who usually type their emails in the stock app of their device using the Samsung Keyboard.

Users Report Stock Email App Issues

In the Android Central forums, a user with the handle andy121212 revealed that he was experiencing typing issues on the stock email app in his Galaxy S7 edge. According to the opening post of the thread, there are several things going wrong, such as apostrophes in contractions being replaced with a quotation mark and words being autocorrected into wrongly spelled ones.

According to the thread starter, the issues are happening despite the autocaps, autoreplace, autopunctuate and autospace features turned off for the Samsung Keyboard. The user also reported that he had spoken to a support team member twice, with someone even accessing the Galaxy S7 edge remotely to reset the device's keyboard settings.

The problem, however, persisted after the keyboard settings reset, with the user being suggested to bring the smartphone to a Samsung store for service.

Other users then posted on the thread, reporting that they were experiencing the same issue. One user tried switching out the Samsung Keyboard for the Google Keyboard and found that the problem went away, tracing the problem to the Samsung Keyboard.

Is There A Fix Available?

The problem is said to be affecting the current and previous versions of Samsung's Galaxy S line. Unfortunately, there seems to be no fix available for the problem, as the reason behind the Samsung Keyboard issue has not yet been traced.

According to SamMobile, because of the small number of users experiencing the problem, the issue could be caused by an upgrade on the server side that Samsung is currently rolling out to the Samsung Keyboard or the stock email app.

For unlucky users experiencing the issue but do not want to go with the support team member's suggestion of going to a Samsung store to have the smartphone serviced, it seems that the only workaround for now is to switch out the Samsung Keyboard with a third-party keyboard. There are many such Android apps that can be downloaded, but they will of course feel and function differently compared to the Samsung Keyboard.

Samsung really needs to get its act together, as major problems such as the Galaxy Note 7 shutdown and relatively minor issues such as this one could be driving away customers from its brand. The company is looking forward to the Galaxy S8 as the device that will save its mobile division, but Samsung needs to make sure that its image is not too damaged by then.

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